Villain Overview

Seth (or Set) is the main antagonist of the cartoon series Papyrus and is the Egyptian evil god of storm, chaos, destruction and disorder.


At the beginning, Horus,the radiant falcon god and Set,the evil god,fight in order to conquer the throne of Egypt. The God's court decided to exile Seth and give Horus the title of the first Pharaoh. But Seth was plotting:he had taken refuge in his black pyramid of Ombos,and he imprisoned Horus into a magic sarcophagus.

From now on Egypt,deprived of their protective god, and people lives were under the threat of Seth and his servant Aker. He is fed by hatred and other negatives sentiments expressed by the human kind.

Seth is also associated closely with animals such as the dog, crocodile and scorpion. He is the master of chaos, the desert, and foreign lands. In the Book of the Dead, Set is called "Lord of the Northern Sky" and is held responsible for storms and cloudy weather.

The tale of the long conflict between Set and Horus is seen by some as a representation of a long struggle between cults in Egypt. The winning cult may have portrayed the god of the enemy’s cult as the evil one.

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