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She was my only family. He didn't deserve a chance! He was an animal! (John Kramer: EVERYBODY deserves a chance.) You didn't see the blood! You didn't see what he f-cking did to her!
~ Mark Hoffman and John Kramer about Seth

Seth Baxter is a minor antagonist in the Saw franchise and appeared in Saw V as Hoffman's victim. He was the boyfriend and eventual murderer of Mark Hoffman's younger sister, Angelina Acomb.

He was portrayed by Joris Jarsky, who also played Fabu in Totally Spies! The Movie.


After being taken into police custody and found guilty of murder, he was sent to prison, where he had to face a life sentence. However due to the legal technicality he was released after serving only five years.

Months after Seth's release, an enraged Hoffman managed to capture him and place him in an inescapable trap as an act of revenge for Angelina's death which was the Pendulum Trap. Hoffman lied and told him he had to crush his hands if he wanted to escape. Seth did this but the swinging pendulum came down and bisected his torso while Hoffman looked at his death through a peephole.

Hoffman was later confronted by John Kramer, the Jigsaw Killer, by what he did to Seth. John, who believed that his games shouldn't be used for carrying out acts of vengeance, told him what he did, despite his motive, was wrong. John gave Hoffman a choice. Either John could have Hoffman arrested with the evidence he has to prove that the murder of Seth was not carried out by Jigsaw. Or Hoffman could help him in his work to rehabilitate people. Mark Hoffman decided to help John and later became his successor.


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