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Seth Gecko is, along with his brother Richie, one of the two protagonists of the 1996 horror action movie From Dusk Till Dawn and the TV series based on it, which aired between 2014 and 2016.

A sardonic villain who calls himself a "professional thief", Seth's primary activity at the beginning of both the movie and the series is comitting robberies with Richie to obtain easy money for them both. Unlike his troubled brother, he does not commit violent acts he judges unnecessary, but is always straight to the point when threatening his victims.

He was portrayed by George Clooney in the film and D.J. Cotrona in the series. The series' first season tells a reimagined version of the film's story and the two following seasons expand it.

Film version

The Geckos wish to move to El Rey, a refuge for criminal fugitives in Mexico. In order to negotiate their entry, which requires 30% of their take, Seth needs to meet a man named Carlos at the Titty Twister, an isolated bar in the Mexican desert. The two take the Fuller family as hostages and steal their recreational vehicle to cross the borders. Upon successfully entering Mexico and arriving at the Titty Twister, they experience a bizarre event in which the bar's staff all turn into vampires and start attacking the patrons. The Gecko brothers and Fullers, together with some other patrons, manage to overpower most of the demons, including with weaponry they find backdoors. In a final battle, however, only Seth and Kate Fuller survive and manage to leave the bar. Seth finally meets Carlos, who agrees to let him in by only 25% of his take. Kate offers Seth company, which he rejects.

Series version

This version keeps the charismatic personality of Seth's film counterpart, but unlike the film version who cares unconditionally about Richie, he shows himself more selfish later in the series, and often fights with Richie. In the first season, there are also differences from the original story, such as Seth agreeing to be in Kate's company after her offer. Seth has a girlfriend named Sonja, a tattoo artist who helps him in crime and later finds out about the culebras.


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