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I am Setrákus Ra, supreme commander of the Mogadorian empire, engineer of the great expansion, beloved leader. This can be painless Samuel. You've chosen the wrong side, but I am nothing if not forgiving, tell me what I want to know and I'll set you free.
~ Setrakus Ra

Setrakus Ra is the main antagonist of the novel and film, I am Number Four.

In the film, he was portrayed by Kevin Durand who also played Ricky from Real Steel.



Setrakus Ra was once an elder of an alien race on a planet called Lorien. He and his friend Pittacus Lore become elders in part of council for their bravery in battle with another alien race from the planet, Mogadore. However, he was then removed from the council for preferring conquest over peace. Ever since then, he became the leader of the Mogadorians and was obsessed with conquering the galaxy. He overthrew the elders and ten children of the Lorics escaped to the planet Earth.

Earth Events

Shortly after that, he knew about their whereabouts on Earth and struck a bargain with the government to help him hunt them down by offering their weapons to them in return, in order to gain their trust.

Setrakus arrived on the planet Earth after one of the ten Loric children, John, and his human friend, Sam, freed Nine from a Mogadorian base, hidden in West Virginia. He entered the base as a force field surrounds the building, leaving Sam trapped inside. He came to Earth for Five's ceremony to kill Nine, so he could join Setrakus at his army's side.

As Six was captured, she shared a jail cell with whom she thought was her human friend, Sarah, but turned out to Setrakus in disguise. Setrakus began to injure her in a fight that they had. He was about to finish her at first, but then Six stabbed him in the chest, making him transform into her. In order to stay in that form, Six also had to live. So, Setrakus magnetized her to the ceiling and encased her in complete blackness over her body.