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Settra does not serve! Settra rules!
~ Settra in defiance of Nagash.

Settra the Imperishable also known by many other titles is a villainous character from the Warhammer Fantasy tabletop war game. A fearsome undead being, Settra is one of the most powerful human monarchs and warriors that has ever lived. In life, he was the first Priest-King of Khermi and the supreme ruler of the Empire of Nehekhara, the first true human civilisation that is now known as the Land of the Dead. Having reclaimed these titles following his reanimation, Settra subsequently became the undisputed leader/True King of the Tomb Kings faction.

A ruthless and uncompromising tyrant, as a mortal human, Settra ruled over one of (if not) the largest and greatest empires that has ever existed. Since his return as an immortal undead, the King of Kings has made it his ambition to restore Nehekhara to its former glory. He also waits for the inevitable return of Nagash, the man that brought his legacy to ruin and condemned his people to an eternity of undeath. Once this is done and all of his enemies are defeated, Settra intends to rule over the entire earth and its surviving people for all time.

These ambitions were eventually halted by the coming of The End Times, which saw Settra’s dominion challenged in a way such as never before. With the fate of the entire world at stake, Settra and his Tomb Kings inevitably found themselves swept into the fray. With the Hordes of Chaos laying waste to the world, Nagash finally returned, greater and more powerful than ever before. In the titanic confrontation that followed, the fate of Nehekhara and the Tomb Kings was settled once and for all. Promises, old and new, were made then broken, as the King of Kings journeyed further than he ever had before in a bid to prove that nobody could challenge the might of Settra, the King of Kings.

Outside the tabletop game, Settra is a playable character in the Warhammer Total War video game. He is the leader of the Khemri branch of the Tomb Kings faction and is voiced by Richard Reed.

Divine Titles

Apart from his basic address of King Settra, the imperishable leader of the Tomb Kings has acquired many other divine titles throughout his extensive lifetimes, befitting of a ruler of his status. Some examples include:-

  • Settra the Great.
  • The High King of Nehekhara.
  • The King of Kings.
  • Lord of the Earth.
  • Monarch of the Sky.
  • Mighty Lion of the Infinite Desert.
  • Ruler of the Four Horizons.
  • Majestic Emperor of the Shifting Sands.
  • Eternal Sovereign of Khemri's legions.


Even before he became undead, Settra was legendary for his arrogance, insatiable greed, his lust for power and short temper. In life, his subjects feared their King just as much as they loved him, for Settra demanded their absolute loyalty and obedience. Considering it his divine right to rule, the King of King will suffer no rival. A military genius and tactician, few of those foolish enough to oppose Settra ever lived to tell the tale.

Like many in power, the mortal King Settra hated the concept of death. Despite all his accomplishments in life, this was the one enemy that even the High King of Nehekhara proved unable to overcome. All that the tyrannical King could do before finally succumbing was to make the necessary preparations to ensure his resurrection. Unfortunately, it was these same actions that eventually led to the rise of Nagash and his vampires as well as the doom of Nehekhara.

Despite all of this, Settra is no fool. In life, he was the only King of Nehekhara to heed the warnings of the priesthood. This allowed him to lead Nehekhara at the height of its power, with the Golden Age ending upon his death. After reconquering Nehekhara as an undead, it was Settra that devised the necessary strategies to prepare for the inevitable return of Nagash and to deal with the Tomb Kings encroaching enemies. Whilst these plans ultimately failed, it is a testament to Settra's resilience.

Having achieved the immortality that he once yearned for, Settra who has lost none of his thirst for power or conquest is determined to see the restoration of Nehekhara under his leadership. These traits make him not only one of the most powerful and ruthless men to have ever existed but a man that most would be wise not to cross.

External Sources


  • Settra, like the rest of the Tomb Kings, is clearly based off of the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. Whilst he has no specified historical comparison, Settra is probably based upon the warrior Pharaohs of the New Kingdom Period (the Eighteenth, Nineteenth and Twentieth Dynasties) who led Egypt during its Golden Age.
    • He also bears some similarity to Menes, the Pharaoh of the 1st Dynasty believed to have unified Upper and Lower Egypt into one Kingdom.
  • In a further link to Egypt, Settra’s name is a combination of two Ancient Egyptian Gods; Set (also known as Seth) and Ra. In the Egyptian pantheon, Set was the ruler of the deserts, disorder and violence, whereas Ra (the God of the Sun) was believed to rule over all parts of the created world, including the sky, Earth and underworld. Given his uncompromising desire to conquer and rule, plus his dominion over the deserts, this name suits Settra perfectly.
  • One of Settra's titles, King of Kings was historically used by Ancient Persian rulers.
  • Settra's desire for immortality and the lengths he took to try and find it is similar to that of Qin Shi Huang, the First Emperor of China.
  • Within the Warhammer fantasy genre, Settra is the only named character to reject the temptations of the Chaos Gods.
  • Settra has yet to make an appearance within the sequel franchise to Warhammer Fantasy, the Age of Sigmar, leaving his true fate at the end of the End Times unknown.