The Seven Apostles are a group of aliens who are the remnants of a larger group who attacked Earth in the year 2032 and an antagonistic faction in the video game Black Rock Shooter.


They arrived on Earth as a group of 15 alien beings who initiated the invasion of Earth in the year 2032. The resulting defense of Earth forces and the Givson 7 Squad took the lives of eight of the members, and the remaining seven continue on the invasion.

In the game, the area of the Seven Apostles was located in Tokyo Japan where the mothership has landed.  


  • MEFE - The First Apostle of Apocalypse, MEFE is a young woman clad in a magician-like outfit and wields a giant violet ax. She has a habit of speaking mixed Spanish and Japanese words and sucks blood from young women.
  • MZMA - The Second Apostle of Apocalypse, MZMA is a young man with short deep crimson hair. His ability is to manipulate flames, and his weapon is a gigantic double-edged sword with a sawtooth-shaped blade.
  • SZZU - The Third Apostle of Apocalypse, SZZU is a young, blonde lady wearing glasses and a spiked ornament in her forehead that looks like a coronet. She is quite knowledgeable of human emotions and behavior and is the only one who truly understands her fellow Apostle CKRY, in spite of the latter's violent and savage demeanor.
  • CKRY - The Fourth Apostle of Apocalypse, CKRY is a pale-skinned young man with orange hair and a small beard, with a braid at his chin, and a steel-black spiked ornament at mouth height. He has a rather violent demeanor, and has is cold with the other Apostles, his twin SZZU being the only one who truly understands him, in spite of his personality.
  • XNFE - The Fifth Apostle of Apocalypse, XNFE is a girl who wears a large black hood with two bunny ear-like protrusions out the top with pink laser emitters that fire a spray of laser beams from them. She carries two large black and pink laser cannons on each arm similar looking to Black Rock Shooter's cannon. She has a small army of laser shooting alien robots that she can control for long distance attacks.
  • LLWO - The Sixth Apostle of Apocalypse, LLWO is a young man with a dark complexion with silvery-white hair. He has certain feelings for MEFE.
  • SAHA - The Seventh Apostle of Apocalypse, SAHA is a grey-skinned bald man who is considered to be the strongest Apostle.