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The Seven Stakes of Purgatory are a group from the Umineko When They Cry series. They are furniture (magical beings akin to familiars in the franchise) that take the form of young girls that can generated swords of purple light from their arms to attack enemies, as well as possessing the ability to bounce off walls which will instantly pierce their target unless they have magical resistance.


  • Lucifer of Pride
  • Leviathan of Envy
  • Satan of Wrath
  • Belphegor of Sloth
  • Mammon of Greed
  • Beelzebub of Gluttony
  • Asmodeus of Lust




  • They are a reference to both The Divine Comedy; specifically the second part Purgatorio where their ages reflect each level of purgatory based off the sin, as well as the Lesser Keys of Solomon.
  • The bottom halves of their outfits are based off of the uniform for Angel Mort from Higurashi no naku koro ni.
  • From an anti-mystery perspective, they represent how Yasu viewed the Fukuin House girls who bullied her when she was a servant
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