Resistance is futile.
~ Seven, after assimilating new troops for her Borg Unit.

Seven of Nine was a holographic re-creation of Seven of Nine introduced in the Star Trek: Voyager episode Living Witness.

Like the "real" Seven of Nine, she was portrayed by Jeri Ryan.


Seven, along with Captain Janeway, The Doctor, and the other Voyager crew members were re-created by the Kyrians about 700 years after Voyager passed by their homeworld. In their re-creation Seven's Borg implants had been left intact after the warship Voyager added her to their crew.

On Voyager, Seven served as the head of the ship's Borg Unit. She and her fellow Borg would be activated in the event that extra muscle was needed by Captain Janeway.

During the course of the re-creation, Seven and her fellow Borg drones was activated by Janeway to subdue the Kyrian invaders on the ship. After she and her fellow drones killed some of the Kyrians, Seven assimilated the remaining Kyrians, turning them in to Borg Drones.

After Dr. Quarren reactivated Voyager's backup Emergency Medical Hologram the Doctor corrected the historical inaccuracies, including those regarding Seven and her role on Voyager.