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Seven-Three, whose proper designation is OG73-1 is a major antagonist of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga in Dragon Ball Super. He is a high-ranking member of the Moro Corps and the Galactic Bandit Brigade. 


Seven-Three is a male alien android with an appearance very similar to Hit. Seven-Three has two bumps similar to horns on his head, eyes with black sclera, white pupils and no iris, in addition to having three spherical half gems on his forehead.


Seven-Three is not very expressive but at the same time a very merciless being, which is demonstrated during the invasion of Planet Zoon organized by Moro and the inmates from the Galactic Prison. In this conflict, Seven-Three exterminated all the Zoon-seijin survivors without hesitation and without experiencing the slightest emotion. This is because he is an android who only follows his allies' orders, indicating he has no free will of his own. Seven-Three is also downright murderous as he likes to kill anyone who stands in his way escpecially  when he cold-bloodedly murders the remaining Porcupine-like race and Zoon-seijin warriors.

Despite being a ruthless killing machine, Seven-Three is extremely loyal to his bosses Moro and Saganbo and their goals and would only listen to them and the rest of their comrades.



Seven-Three was created on a planet with advanced science and technology. Somehow, Saganbo encountered him and added him to his group. Seven-Three then rampaged throughout the universe with them until they were caught by the Galactic Patrol and imprisoned in the Galactic Prison.

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