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Seymour Crider, preferring to be known as Crider, is the main antagonist in the 2011 direct to dvd animated film Barbie: The Princess & The Popstar".

He was voiced be Peter Kelamis


Crider is Keira's greedy and selfish manager. He is a former singer who sang as a boy on "The Chipper Chipmunk Show", but his career ended when he was 14 because his voice became deeper due to puberty.

One of Crider's ideas to become rich was to marry Duchess Amelia, as she is a rich woman. Instead, he tried to steal the Diamond Gardenia to pay for a comeback concert for himself. Rupert, his foolish assistant, tries to help him to do so. Crider makes his outfit allow him to glide in order to escape, but Keira and Tori turn his outfit and hair into a yellow wig and a light blue tea party dress, defeating him. He lands on the palace gate, and is soon arrested.


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