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Sh'Okanabo is alien warlord from the TV series, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward. He serves as one the two main antagonists of the season (other being Darius Dun). He is voiced by Sean Schemmel.


He first appeared at the ending of the episode, "Home Invasion," where he appeared as a cloaked hologram summoned by Viral who asks her master to free her. However, he refused as it was her punishment of failure.

In the episode, "Bishop to Knight," he meets Torbin Zixx and entrusts him to deliver a package to the moon, which is actually a bomb to blow up the moon port there. With the bomb detonated and the protection grid down, he freely lands his spaceship onto Earth, eager to prepare his developing gene seeds.

At the beginning of the episode "Night of the Sh'Okanabo," he proudly observed his developing gene seeds and boasted about using them to take over the world. Just then, Viral came in, asking him about the turtles getting in the way. Sh'Okanabo believes that the turtles might know about the Day of Awakening that he plans to unleash upon Earth and decides to deal with them. He attacks Master Splinter while the turtles are at the horror movie festival, but luckily Serling arrives just in time to save him. As he tells the rat that the turtles are attending the festival, Sh'Okanabo overhears the whole thing and plans to attack them there.

Launching surprise attacks on the turtles and trapping them, he attempts to capture Michelangelo, but is avoided. The turtles fight against him and even Cody lends them their aid with Turtle X, but Sh'Okanabo easily overpowers all five. However, he is interrupted by the Peace Keepers and is forced to flee. Nevertheless, he was able to obtain some samples of their DNA, and he plans to use them to create evil clones to deal with the turtles.

In "The Freaks Come Out at Night", he tests gene-seeds by fist impacting Michelangelo with one of them through a pigeon, which places him under his mind control. The gene-seeds are spread by him to Leonardo and then to Donatello and Master Splinter, as well as several customers at the hot dog restaurant. Even Cody was affected by the gene-seeds, but before he can defeat Raphael, he is interrupted and reverted back to normal by sunlight. Realizing the effect that it has on those infected by the Kanabo virus, the two work together to use the sunlight to free those infected from Sh'Okanabo's control, much to his shock and disbelief. This leads him to realize that his efforts to turn everyone into Kanabo drones has been in vain, and he comes to decide on a plan to block out the sun so that the Kanabo can take over Earth.

In "Bad Blood", he contacts Darius Dun and offers to ally with him and lend him the Dark Turtles, all four of whom he has just finished creating. Despite their failures against the good turtles, Darius is able to see their potential and lets Sh'Okanabo know that he intends to keep them in his employment. The two discuss what Darius has learned about the Time Window that Cody invented, and Sh'Okanabo intends to learn what he can for them to unhinge the secrets of time and space.

In "The Gaminator", Viral discusses a plan that she has developed with him to defeat the turtles. He tells her to bring them to him as he wishes to be the one to finish them himself, to which she complies.

In "Timing is Everything", after a conversation with Darius Dun, Sh'Okanabo checks to see if Viral has finished her work on his own Time Window. Suddenly, the Time Window's power goes out of control, resulting in a time storm being unleashed all across New York. Nevertheless, he still intends to use the Time Window for his own purposes, but he is attacked by surprise by the turtles. Just then, the Utrom Shredder and the Foot Ninjas appear with the intent to take the Time Window for themselves. Sh'Okanabo is forced to form a truce with the turtles, and they work together to send the Shredder and the Foot back to their time period. He then turns his attention to Cody with the intent on enlisting his help in his plans for his Time Window, but the turtles rescue the boy and destroy said Time Window, much to the warlord's horror, which creates a massive explosion that severely damages his lair and appears to kill him.

It is later revealed in "The Day of Awakening" that he survived the destruction of his lair and fled to the moon, where he turns everyone there into Kanabo drones and plans to use it as part of his plan to plunge the world into darkness so he can freely guide it to the Day of Awakening and his complete dominance over it. The turtles, Splinter, and Agent Bishop head to the moon to stop him and Viral. Cody and Serling arrive there just in time to help them, and trap Viral using a special firewall through Serling himself. Sh'Okanabo is about to have had Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Splinter turned into Kanabo again, but they manage to fight the Kanabo virus and use the sunlight to save themselves and everyone on the moon, and severely weaken him. He makes one last attempt to attack the turtles, Cody, Serling, and Bishop, but Raphael tosses a Light Grenade provided by Bishop and batted into the villain's mouth by Donatello, destroying the warlord once and for all. After the resulting explosion of light, the only thing left of him is a blackened puddle of goo from his body that he leaves behind.


Sh'Okanabo is very big with purple skin, blue armor, and has spikes over that armor. He has red eyes, as well as a large, sharp-toothed mouth. His body is capable of changing shape, being able to transform into purple slime at will.


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