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So you have repelled the soldier of my soul...impressive. But when despair consumes the heart, it gives birth to a power still more terrible. It is despair that will defeat you! You and all else! I am The Executor, charged with bringing destruction to this world! Behold...the power...OF THE DARK DJINN!
~ Shader, before taking his final form.

Shadar, also known as the Dark Djinn and the Executor, and originally named Lucien, is the central antagonist of the 2013 JRPG Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. He is an evil sorcerer who steals pieces of people's hearts if they cross him, and is the most feared person in the world.

He was voiced by Masashi Ebara in Japanese and Brian Protheroe in English.


Shadar is a mage who used to be known as Lucien and is the soulmate of the main character Oliver. His transformation into the Dark Djinn was caused by the White Witch and the Zodiarchs demonstrating him despair after suffering from punishment for destroying his home. He is responsible for many conflicts such as making people broken-hearted and destroying Xanadu.

Finding nothing but despair in life, he finds the White Witch and serves as her strongest minion. He is tasked to destroy Oliver and prevent him from saving the world from its destruction. He is also responsible for breaking Rashaad's will for magic by stealing his daughter's courage and attacking her soulmate in the Otherworld, Myrtle Cartwright, by mind-breaking her father to become abusive, traumatizing her so she becomes attacked by Rusty's nightmare in effort to kill Oliver.

When Oliver and his teammates enter Shadar's castle in Nevermore, Shadar battles them at the top, revealing that if Oliver kills him, he will also die. After Oliver defeats Shadar, he reveals his past while learning that Alicia was the girl that he saved years ago. He then severs the soul-link connecting him and Oliver to let Oliver live while Shadar peacefully dies.


  • He is the final boss only in the DS version of the game, as the other versions end with the Zodiarchy as the final boss.
  • Shadar's face is always hooded until the end of the game after revealing himself as Oliver's soulmate.