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Shadi is a major character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise.

Although usually a heroic character he made his debut in the manga as the main antagonist in the first arc "School" and was a permanent ally from that point on. He also appears as the opening antagonist of the 1998 Toei anime and as a major character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters anime appearing as a supporting character in both seasons one and two before becoming a major protagonist in season five. He also was a minor posthumous character in the 2016 film Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Side of Dimensions.

He is the wielder of the Millennium Key and the guardian of the Millennium items as a whole and a trusted ally of Atem.



Early Life

Shadi was a member of the Tombkeeper's clan and the guardian of the Millennium items and would regularly use his high powers to punish those who he viewed as committing wrongdoings. The other main thing he would do is test whoever be would be worthy of each of the items in every instance of a potential host coming.

Meeting Pegasus

After his lover Cecelia had passed away from an illness Pegasus J. Crawford travelled to Egypt in search for a way to bring her back and expressed interest in getting the Millennium Ring. This search led him to discovering Shadi testing the item on a potential candidate and he watched on in horror as the man was brutally killed, he tried to escape however he was caught and brought before Shadi who forced the Millennium Eye into his left socket in order to test his theory of worthiness and congratulated him upon the eye accepting him. Pegasus was then overjoyed to find that he could see Cecelia again with the eye's powers however was quickly dismayed to find that he could only briefly see her but not fully reunite with her. Shadi remained in close contact with Pegasus from this point on and although he helped him create the Egyptian God cards for his new Duel Monsters card game, Shadi advised him to be cautious and not underestimate their powers.


When he took in a group of orphans Shadi was encountered by a man seeking the Millennium Ring and Shadi put him through its test only for him to be killed, unfortunately however the man's son appeared and was quickly taken over by the ring, awakening Yami Bakura once again who took over his host Bakura Ryou's body and murdered Shadi. This wasn't the end of Shadi however as he still remained in the living realm as a spirit.

Meeting the Ishtars

Following the death of Mr. Ishtar and the birth of Yami Marik Shadi came before Marik, Ishizu and Odion Ishtar and agreed the first two were worthy of their family's millennium items (The Millennium Rod for Marik and the necklace for Ishizu), he also advised Odion on helping Marik keep his dark side under control and repressed which the latter accepted.



World of Memories/Final Death


Anime Adaptations

The Toei anime is mostly the same as the original version of Shadi in his earlier appearances albeit more ruthless, the Duel Monsters  variant however had his villainous nature greatly toned down.


Shadi is compassionate, hard working and good hearted individual however he was also particularly brutal, apathetic and ruthless when it came to the Millennium Items and giving them hosts, this wasn't fully out of maliciousness however and was mostly out of a sense of ensuring they went to worthy hosts.

He was an incredibly loyal follower to Atem and a good natured person all around who wanted to try and ensure he did the best possible work for humanity.


Shadi is a handsome, young, dark skinned man with a shaved head and blue eyes. He always wore very regal and elegant clothing, including a white ankle length robe with long sleeves and a matching white turban. He also wore two golden hoop earrings and had the Millennium Key wrapped around his neck at all times.


  • The Toei adaptation of Shadi appears to be the most evil incarnation of the character.
    • Additionally Shadi's eyes and oddly orange in the Toei adaptation.


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