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So have you heard of the Pits of 100 Trials below Flipside and Flopside? I hear they were created long ago to test the forces that guard the Pure Hearts. The Pit of 100 Trials here in Flopside was used to study the powers of darkness. I don't know exactly what that means... but it sounds pretty terrible. There's even a rumor that treasure awaits those who make it to the bottom. Do you have the courage to find out for yourself?
~ Carson on the Flipside Pit of 100 trials.
Oh, heroes... Blessed souls... I must destroy you all with the power of shadow!
~ Shadoo

Shadoo is an optional boss and a minor antagonist in Super Paper Mario. It resides at the very bottom of the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials claiming to be created by the Tribe of Ancients, and a servant of them. But later revealing it works for his own cursed powers.

It has the ability to analyze other beings, and create shadow clones which have the silhouette, powers, and abilities the original beings have.



Shadoo was created by the Ancients as stated by it. It is very old and was around possibly before Count Bleck. Shadoo committed a crime or a list of crimes so bad that the Ancients imprisoned it in the pit, but how they did it is unknown. It also somehow knows about the Pixls, and possibly abused their power in the past.

In the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials, Wracktail mentions "he wasn't the only monster the Ancients created", possibly hinting at Shadoo. Due to the fact that Wracktail knows of it, it can be inferred that Shadoo did do something very heinous to be imprisoned so deep underground.

It was imprisoned with other shadow beings or it somehow managed to make shadow clones from beings from every known location in the multiverse. As the Ancients traveled to other dimensions, this would further connect it with them, but in order to do this, it would have to have scanned and analyzed them. It is unknown how Shadoo did this but it may have been that it:

  • Travelled to the other realms in the multiverse.
  • Visited the Flipside Pit of 100 trials, where the Ancients put dangerous creatures from all the other realms in.
  • Thought of them himself.
  • Managed to find out about them through some other unknown method.

His true form is never revealed and is only seen through a "blinking eye" in the foreground and fought through shadow clones of the heroes.

Super Paper Mario

When Mario and his friends reach the 100th floor of The Flopside Pit of 100 Trials, Shadoo greets them claiming to be a servant of the Ancients. It states to prove they are the heroes they must go through the trials a second time. It does this so it can study their abilities and make shadow clones of them.

After going through the pit a second time, it reveals that while it was created by the Ancients it does not work for them but rather his own cursed powers. It unleashes its Shadow clones of the four heroes, even if Luigi isn't in the player's party, which Mario and his friends fight and defeat.

After being defeated, it claims it was so close to beating the Heroes and getting its revenge on the Ancients.

Boss fight

He fights in the following forms, listed chronologically.

  1. Dark Luigi (Moveset of Mr. L),
  2. Dark Bowser (Moveset of Bowser's boss fight),
  3. Dark Peach who attacks by hovering with her parasol and jumping on the player and occasionally shielding herself using her parasol.
  4. Dark Mario who jumps and attacks with a shadow hammer (in a similar fashion to the Cudge Pixl) dealing twenty damage.

All of his moves deal ten damage except for Dark Bowser's attacks and Dark Mario's hammer which deal twenty damage (twice as much as the standard attack damage, these stats are the same for the normal heroes' versions of these moves). Each clone has one hundred health points. When combined it is four hundred, which is more than any other boss in the game, including Super Dimentio which has two hundred health points.

Once the player defeats him in all forms, eight treasure chests open up with eight cards representing the regular and dark versions of each hero in addition to Mario's Flip Ability upgraded to work infinitely.


Shadoo is possibly the most mysterious being in the game, possibly more so than Dimentio.

It is unknown what it was like before going into the pit or why it did the things that caused it to be imprisoned there, but it was likely very heinous as Wracktail is implied to know of him.

It possessed great knowledge as it knew of the prophecy of the heroes, Pixls, and the shapes and powers of many creatures from the multiverse, but it is unknown how it knows.

It seemed to be able to summon the pipe that leads back to the beginning pipe of the trials, but didn't go through, suggesting it was waiting for the right moment to strike, and was willing to lie to accomplish his goals.

He doesn't seem to possess any moral cod or creativity as it has no known form, and copies the moves, abilities, and shape or creatures. Yet strangely, they have no color, only appearing in black.


Said by Shadoo

I've waited for you, heroes... (...) Ah, you have done very well... Your bravery has not gone unnoticed. I am a servant of the Ancients, sent here to give power to the true heroes. You have passed the 100 Trials behind you. But whether you are the true heroes of legend or not is yet to be seen... I will give you a new challenge! You can use this pipe to leave the dungeon. Then you can venture down the 100 Trials again to see me. If you do so, then I will recognize all of you as the true heroes. I truly look forward to it. See you again...
~ Shadoo
Heh... What's up heroes? I should come clean... I don't really work for the Ancients! Don't get me wrong, they did CREATE me... but I work for my own cursed powers! Anyway, the name is Shadoo. I've been testing you to study you, and now... Your clones are complete! Now I will destroy you and take your power for my own!
~ Shadoo before summoning Dark Luigi.
Oh, heroes... Blessed souls... I must destroy you all with the power of shadow!
~ Shadoo after summoning Dark Luigi.
I was... so very... close to... defeating... the heroes... With the... power of... the Pixls... I almost... got revenge... on... the Ancients...
~ Shadoo's last words.


That's Dark Mario. This fake Mario lives in the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials... Max HP is 100. Attack is 10. He has high attack power and jumps and hammers well... If you don't plan your stomp, he might hit you with his hammer. You share weaknesses, so if you can exploit that, you'll win... After all, he's not the real Mario... He's just a bad copy...
~ Tippi or Tiptron when Dark Mario is tattled.
That's Dark Luigi. He lurks in the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials... Max HP is 100. Attack is 10. He has the same incredible jumping ability as Luigi. Watch out for that super jump of his when you go to stomp him. But his jump could be an interesting opportunity for an attack as well... After all, he's not the real Luigi... He's just a bad copy...
~ Tippi or Tiptron when Dark Luigi is tattled.
That's Dark Bowser. This fake Bowser rules the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials... Max HP is 100. Attack is 20. Defense is 4. He has spikes, so you can't stomp on him... He has high Defense, so you'll need to use Boomer and Cudge... Watch out for his ferocious fire attack... But after all, he's not the real Bowser... He's just a bad copy...
~ Tippi or Tiptron when Dark Bowser is tattled.
That's Dark Peach, a phony Peach that dwells in the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials... Max HP is 100. Attack is 10. This Peach uses her parasol just like the original. And if she uses it in midair, she might mess up the timing of your attack... But that might also give you an opportunity to attack... After all, she's not the real Peach... She's just a bad copy...
~ Tippi or Tiptron when Dark Peach is tattled.


  • Based on Carson's stories, Shadoo is heavily implied to be the villainous Pixl Queen reborn in a new form as noted from their mention of being created by the Ancients but not working for them as well as stating their intentions to supplant the four heroes right before engaging them. Additionally, their plans both involve taking the power of Pixls for themselves
  • Shadoo uses Mr. L as Luigi's shadow instead of Luigi himself.
  • If the player defeats Shadoo while using any of the heroes who aren't Mario, the game will trigger some dialogue for them.
    • If Bowser is the one who beats Shadoo, he will mock Shadoo while also briefly getting his name wrong.
    • If Princess Peach is the one who beats Shadoo, she will state that she finds the fact that something lurks under the town is "disturbing".
    • If Luigi is the one to beat Shadoo, he will state that he never wants to fight Mario again, even if it was just a copycat.
  • If the player plays as Bowser and tries to open a chest between another chest the game can freeze. Making you have to reset the console.
  • Shadoo seems to be an AI, as its text box is used for AIs in the game, and when it says something, a mechanical noise plays.


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