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The Shadow-Crafters are supporting antagonists in the Gameknight999 series. They are NPCs of darkness created by Herobrine to give his monsters even more power. After the failure of the Great Zombie Invasion, the Shadow-Crafters moved to the highest server on the server plane, working from there to improve the Minecraft code.

Their counterparts are the Light-Crafters, who were created by the Oracle.


Gameknight999 series

Confronting the Dragon

The Shadow-Crafters are introduced in the third book. Erebus and Malacoda are leading their army of monsters across the server when they encounter the Shadow-Crafters. The Shadow-Crafters, led by Herobrine, upgrade the monsters' abilities to preapre them for the Last Battle.

The Birth of Herobrine series

Attack of the Shadow-Crafters

In the second book, Herobrine creates the Shadow-Crafters to help create new and more terrible monsters. However, the Shadow-Crafters are counteracted by the Light-Crafters that the Oracle creates.


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