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Shadow is the main antagonist of the 2006 controversial horror film Shadow: Dead Riot. He is a bloodthristy satanic serial killer and arch-nemesis of Solitaire.

He was portrayed by Tony Todd, who also played Candyman from the film trilogy with the same name, Captain Darrow in The Rock, and Grange in the 1994 film The Crow,


Before going to jail

Not much known to Shadow, however, he murdered many pregnant women and practiced satanic rituals. While he and Luisa were in the house, she tried to escape, but the door is locked. Shadow then crushed her chest in a bear hug, killing her seconds later. During Solitaire's childhood, she and Shadow encountered each other as he desired to sacrifice her in the satanic ritual. As a result of being dead, although, Shadow ever failed to do so.

In the jail before his death

After Shadow did a ritual worship in his cell, bites one of the guards, and for this, he is taken to be executed via lethal injection. However something goes wrong as his blood goes to the other cells to free the other inmates. While Shadow is about to be executed with this, he explodes because of his supernatural powers. Shortly before Shadow met his demise, Dr. Swann infiltrated this room and takes some portions of Shadow’s blood which was cursed. ===As a Spirit===Link title Shortly after Solitaire in Shadow’s former cell in the penitentiary-turned-rehab center for women, she accidentally makes contact with Shadow’s spirit by touching ritual symbol.


One of the zombies makes the blood from Hotrod’s heart he torn out on Shadow’s decomposed corpse, making it come back to life in a normal appearance. Shadow uses his blood to bring an army of undead.

At the infirmary, he confronts Swann and then Shadow torn out the doctor’s throat.

He also confronts a female inmate and kills her by stabbing her head, and drinks her blood.

He kills offscreen Warden Denvers.

Confronting Solitaire and death

While confronting Solitaire, both she and Shadow fights, but Solitaire is no match for the serial killer. Shortly afterwards, she stabs Shadow, disrupting the mystical symbol on his palm, causing the serial killer to explode then all undead to die once for all.

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