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Shadow Barkley is the primary antagonist of the video game, Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden. He is the leader of the enigmatic group, B.L.O.O.D.M.O.S.E.S.


His origin goes back to the events of the film, Space Jam which is cannon in relation to the game's story, when the Nerdlucks used the Ultimate B-Ball to suck out the talents of NBA Stars including Charles Barkley to become the Monstars. When the Monstars reverted back to the Nerdlucks when they returned the talents to the NBA ballers it was revealed that an essense of Charles Barkley's talent remain in the basketball which later grew to become Shadow Barkley.

Game events

After the original Charles Barkley performed a Chaos Dunk in a basketball game sometime in 2029, basketball was outlawed due to the technique inadvertedly causing the death of all spectators of Barkley's game. The ban is enforced  by the B-Ball Removal Department. Barkley tries to live the rest of his life in peace with his son Hoopz in an apartment in Neo-New York until another chaos dunk was perfomed in Manhattan which was blamed on Barkley.

It was later revealed that it was Shadow Barkley that performed the Chaos Dunk. Shadow Barkley confronts Charles Barkley, Balthios, Hoopz and Cyberdwarf in Necron 5 and reveals his plan to replace all of humanity with Barkley clones. He is stopped by the player's party even after he fought them in his second and true form but a machine he has set is set to perform a chaos dunk. Charles Barkley performed what is presumably his last chaos dunk to destroy Necron 5 along wih Shadow Barkley.


Shadow Barkley like many characters in the games has varied appearance. His dialogue sprite is an exact copy of Barkley except that he is monochrome, darkey and had red eyes. In battle, he has a more natural skin tone and has a pair of wings. As his true form, dubbed as "T-Rex Barkley", he has a body of a red T-Rex while his head is that of Charles Barkley's.

Powers and abilities

Like Charles Barkley, Shadow Barkley attacks are based on basketball moves. As a T-Rex he has a powerful bite. As an evil copy of Barkley he can also perform the Chaos Dunk.


Not much is known about Shadow Barkley's personality but he is known to view humans as inferior viewing them as "just human" while considering himself as "post-human". His goal is to put basketball to the next level by replacing all of humanity with Barkley clones.

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