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If I kill Lady Eve without the Shadow Board's permission, I might as well bury myself with her...
~ Whale considers murdering Eve, but fears retribution by the Shadow Board

The Shadow Board is a villainous organization in the 2018 CW series Black Lightning.


The Shadow Board is an elusive cartel consisting of several criminal organisations. Although their centre of operation seems to be the city Freeland, it is unknown how far their influence truly spreads. In addition to their criminal structure, the Shadow Board also seems to have some form of power about life and death. One of the leaders, Lady Eve, has ways of extending people's life indefinitely and can seemingly bring people back from death as well.

Not much is known about the Shadow Board. Its leaders act as equal partners and important decisions are made together. However, each partner also has autonomy in their own organization. If someone proves to be a loyal servant to the Shadow Board, it is possible for the person to advance into the Inner Circle, however, this decision must also be made by the entire board.

The Shadow Board is so infamous in Freeland's criminal underworld that no one would dare attack one of its members without permission of the Shadow Board because it would mean dire retribution.


After proving himself to Lady Eve, the criminal Tobias Whale is awarded with the 100 Gang. From then on, he uses the gang to sell drugs and extort the citizens of Freeland. This brings in much money for the Shadow Board and it makes Whale an important subordinate for Eve. However, since Whale wants a seat at the table, meaning becoming a member of the Shadow Board, Eve holds him back, claiming that her partners don't trust him. This causes Whale to eventually sever ties with Lady Eve. After Eve organizes the death of his second-in-command Joey Toledo, Tobias retorts by sending three hitmen to murder Lady Eve. Tobias seems confident that the Shadow Board will not retaliate against him. The hitmen are successful and Eve and her bodyguards are killed.


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