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We were saying, "President" Morty, that we don't care who sits in that seat. A Rick, a Morty, a goddamn Jerry, doesn't matter. We've been running the Citadel before the Council, and you'll find that we're still running it now.
~ Garment District Rick to Evil Morty, about the Shadow Council.

The Shadow Council of Ricks are minor antagonists in the Rick and Morty episode "The Ricklantis Mixup". They are a secret cabal that rule the Citadel of Ricks from the shadows, with the public Council of Ricks only being figureheads. The Shadow Council predates the Council of Ricks and consisted of the most powerful Ricks in the Citadel. All but two of its nine known members were summarily executed by President Morty (Evil Morty) shortly after his election.

All of them were voiced by Justin Roiland, as expected.


The Ricklantis Mixup

They appear during the very end of the episode in a room with Evil Morty who has now become President Morty. One of the members, Garment District Rick, says to President Morty that it doesn't matter who sits in the president's chair as the Council has, and always will, have control over the Citadel. President Morty, who has his back to them, responds to this by holding up his mirror and having the Ricks raise their hand if they agree with that statement before calling his guards to assassinate those who agreed. President Morty then asks the surviving Ricks, who are now terrified, if they will obey and they agree. Their corpses are seen floating in space along with other Ricks and Mortys that were killed in the episode.





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