The Shadow Demons

The Shadow Demons are supporting antagonists of the 2009 Disney film The Princess and the Frog. They are unnamed shadow demons working for the Friends on the Other Side.


As part of Dr. Facilier's plan to gain hold of Big Daddy LaBouff's fortune, he turns Prince Naveen into a frog and uses a magical talisman (fueled by Naveen's blood) to impersonate Naveen's treacherous aide named Lawrence as Naveen himself so that he can woo and marry LaBouff's daughter Charlotte.

However, Lawrence inadvertently sets Naveen free, and needing the prince's blood to fuel the talisman, Dr. Facilier forms a deal with the Friends: they must provide him an army of Shadow Demons to track down and capture Naveen so that they can use his blood to complete his plan, and in return, Facilier will let the Friends take control of New Orleans and consume all souls of its citizens to pay off his debt to them. Finding this to be fair, the Friends accept the deal and unleashed the Shadow Demons, much to Facilier's delight.

Facilier then orders the Demons to search around New Orleans and the Bayou, to which they do so. Eventually, they managed to capture Naveen and bring him back to Facilier. However, Naveen escapes again with the talisman and gives it to a firefly named Ray, who uses his light butt to ward off the Demons before being mortally wounded by Facilier himself.

However, Tiana manages to get the talisman and smash it into pieces, much to Facilier's distraught as he is unable to pay back his debt to the Friends. Because of this, the Friends turn on Facilier and get the Shadow Demons to grab Facilier's shadow, dragging Facilier to their world and take his soul as payment for his debt.

It is assumed that the Shadow Demons effectively returned to their world along the Friends and sealed themselves there to never return to the realm of the living.


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