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Shadow Galactica is a massive interstellar invasion force spearheaded by Sailor Galaxia and the main antagonists of Sailor Stars, the final arc of the Sailor Moon manga and anime.


Shadow Galactica was formed by the rogue Sailor Guardian Sailor Galaxia, who sought to gather the Star Seeds, the essences of sentient life, from planets to use to control the Galaxy Cauldron. In the manga, Sailor Galaxia was a girl born on an asteroid who was convinced by Chaos to use her powers for evil, while in the anime, she was once a heroic Sailor Scout who was corrupted after sealing Chaos within her.

The organization was made up of renegade Sailor Guardians who believed Shadow Galactica was the best way to carve out a better future for themselves and "false" Sailor Guardians who had slain the Sailor Guardian of their respective planet to harness their power and sworn loyalty to Sailor Galaxia.



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