Shadow Hands are enigmatic, arm-like Creatures of Grimm from the American animated webseries RWBY.


Shadow Hands are long, black arms and hands, with fingers tipped with white claws. When summoned, they materialize from a red emblem with black fog enveloping their bases.


Like all Grimm, Shadow Hands were created by the God of Darkness to offset his brother's creations. However, unlike other Grimm, Shadow Hands are the embodiment of human negative emotions, specifically fear.

After Cinder Fall loses her arm in the Battle of Beacon, Salem replaces it with a Shadow Hand. Despite not being able to generate an Aura like the rest of her body, Cinder uses the arm to try and steal the Spring Maiden's powers, kill Vernal, and fight Raven Branwen.

When Hazel Rainart fails in the Battle of Haven, Salem summons a horde of Shadow Hands from a sigil on the ground to ensnare him and pin him until he gives her a good reason for his failure.

Powers and Abilities

Shadow Hands are capable of being summoned, including in large groups. They use their long reach, clawed fingers, and strong grips to ensnare and attack, and can be grafted onto humans.





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