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Villain Overview
What is the point of all this love. All the striving, the friendships. I mean what is the f-cking point of babies? (David: You mean Life?) Yes Life. What is the point of Life? All of you running around to what? Be happy, fulfilled? (David: You tell me.) I'll say this. There's only one being in the vast multiplicity of space that matters: God. And do you know why God matters? Power. That, is the point of what you call "Life". The only point. Power.
~ The Devil as Lenny Busker to David

Amahl Farouk, also known as The Devil with the Yellow Eyes and the Shadow King, appears as the overall main antagonist of the FX-original Marvel television series Legion. He is a demonic parasite, seeking to take control of David Haller's body and use his reality-bending abilities for sinister purposes. He is an adaptation of the X-Men villain known as the Shadow King.

He is portrayed by actor Quinton Boisclair in his standard form, by Aubrey Plaza while taking the form of the late Lenny Busker, by Devyn Dalton while taking the form of the Angry Boy, and by Navid Negahban in season 2.


Most of the personality of the Devil with the Yellow Eyes seems to be derived from his primary manifestation, Lenny Busker, who seems to like annoying people and not taking things seriously. The Devil has so far shown that he enjoys having so much control over David as he has, being a parasite, and is not above deceiving him to get what he wants. He can take advantage of David's most basic instincts in order to trick him into doing what he wants him to do. Seeking power for power's sake, the Shadow King only leaves David's body after finding his way to Oliver Bird, a more powerful telepath than David.


  • Telepathy: Farouk has vast telepathic powers, which grant him numerous different abilities. He is able to invade, manipulate and sense the minds and thoughts of others, as well as transmit his own thoughts. He was able to communicate with Syd in the astral-projected room created by David due to having interacting with her mind previously when she switched bodies with David.
    • Astral Manipulation: Farouk used this power when he battled David Haller's father on the Astral Plane. He also used this ability to construct an elaborate illusion of the Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital, capable of trapping several people, including several powerful psychics such as David Haller and The Eye, a Mutant working for Division Three. His power over the realm allowed him to telekinetically affect the environment, such as immobilizing Kerry and Sydney, as well as controlling Walter’s motor skills and forcing him to walk backward. Additionally, he was able to contort Walter’s body in Astral Plane, simultaneously killing him in the real world. When confronted by Oliver Bird’s attempts to assist the Summerland mutants attempts to contain him with a psychic dampening helmet for David, he demonstrated being able to forcibly send him back to the real world.
      • Astral Projection: Farouk is able to travel to the Astral Plane and meet with David. Oliver and Farouk where able to project themselves over to Melanie to manipulate her and eventually teleport her away with them.
    • Mental Sedation: Farouk is able to incapacitate and render people unconscious without causing any harm to them. While possessing Kerry Loudermilk, he was able to knock Melanie to the floor just by using his hand and imitating a gun pointing at her, and once reunited with his true body, he was able to knock out Clark and mulitple Division 3 agents effortlessly.
    • Memory Manipulation: Farouk was able to alter David’s memories, causing him to forget his presence whenever David noticed. He also managed to implant fake and altered memories in David, in an effort to hide his presence. Farouk was also able to overwhelm the memory manipulation abilities of Ptonomy Wallace, being able to prevent him from viewing certain memories, as well as temporarily trapping him, Melanie Bird, and Sydney Barrett in David’s memories.
    • Consciousness Absorption: After she was killed by Sydney Barret inhabiting David's body after accidentally swapping bodies with him due to David's attempt to kiss Syd, Lenny Busker's consciousness was absorbed by Farouk and used as a "mask" to conceal his true identity. Even after taking possession of Oliver, Farouk was still able to control Lenny's consciousness and kept her imprisoned within the Astral Plane when he was not "using" her.
    • Possession: Farouk can embed his consciousness within the minds of others, and can only be removed by his own volition, or by being removed through Sydney's mind-switching power. Hosts of the Shadow King sometimes manifest yellow eyes when possessed, though others (such as David and Oliver Bird) have normal eyes. While possessing David and Oliver, he was capable of influencing their perception of reality, memory, actions, and behavior without having to fully take control of them, as he did to David for years. When disembodied in the real world, he appeared as a black shadowy mass that was able to have some effect on his surrounding, colliding with Oliver and sending him flying across a room while possessing him and causing a gate behind him to shut.
  • Reality Warping: As one of the most powerful pyschics known, After possessing David and feeding off him for 30 years Farouk has the power to manipulate reality at will. When Farouk, in Oliver Bird body entered Division 3, he turned one agent into a pig and another into a fish. He was also able to make bullets unable to harm him, even when multiple gunman where firing at him at close range as well as make himself appear to grow to towering heights. Additionally, his use of Lenny's form was able to pull Cary through a the floor and into another room and causing a spoon to emit a shockwave when she tapped it. He was also seemingly able to create a giant drain stopper and several several video screens within the maze his body was kept. He was shown to be powerful enough to somewhat resist power dampening technology that was placed on his body when he was captured by Division 3, as he was able to summon a mouse and have it whisper into Syd's ear, apparently to reverse the alterations to her mind and memory done by an increasingly unhinged David.
    • Aura Generation: During his fight with David while controlling Kerry's body, Farouk was able to generate a red and black aura of energy around himself.
    • Matter Manipulation: When Amahl, in Oliver's body entered Division 3, he disintegrated several Division 3 agents with a mere thought. He was also able to manipulate Cary and Kerry's mutation and trap the former within the others body, eventually leading them to become separate individuals.
    • Inanimation: When Farouk's projection of Lenny tapped a spoon, the shockwave from it caused Kerry to be frozen in place, completely unable to move.
    • Teleportation: Under Amahl co-piloted Oliver's body, he eventually was able to cause Melanie to appear physically with them in the desert where the former's true body was.
  • Telekinesis: Farouk can move, control and otherwise exert force on objects arround him with his mind. Whilst possessing Kerry Loudermilk , Farouk flung Clark DeBussy aside after he attacked him. When restored to his physical body, he used his power to hold the power dampening tuning fork known as the Choke in the air before throwing it nearly a mile away.
    • Levitation: Farouk is able to seamlessly move through the air through concentration.



  • According to Noah Hawley, the part for Lenny Busker had been written for a middle-aged man; actress Aubrey Plaza was cast instead due to her acting ability as the Devil. The character's dialogue had apparently been rewritten so that Aubrey could do the role as both male and female. She apparently based her performance mainly from the late David Bowie.
  • The appearance of Lenny appears to become more distorted and grotesque as the series continues; initially, the Devil's Lenny form resembled her perfectly. However, as the Devil's control over David grew stronger, Lenny came to resemble the Devil's true form more and more, so that by "Chapter 8", "she" resembles an ugly white zombie with white skin and a fixed posture.
  • Saïd Taghmaoui was originally cast as Amahl Farouk but exited the role for unknown reasons during the production of season 2.
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