Shadow Knight is a cycloptic, knight-themed cyborg working for the SHADOW organization and a major antagonist in the Tokusatsu series Kikaider 01.

He was mainly voiced by Misao Imanishi, though in some episodes he was voiced by Motomu Kiyokawa and the late Takeshi Watabe, the latter of whom also later voiced Waruder in the same series, as well as Don Horror and God Neros in the Metal Heroes series.


Television Series

Shadow Knight in his first appearance.

Shadow Knight first appeared to abduct Akira, leading to a three-way battle between him, Ichiro and Jiro, and the Hakaider Squad, who also sought to kidnap Akira so they could use him for their own evil ends.

After the Hakaider Squad was destroyed, their leader Gill-Hakaider was forcibly enlisted into SHADOW as one of their agents. A rivalry soon developed between Gill-Hakaider and Shadow Knight, with neither one allowing the other to have the glory of defeating 01.

After Uchiyama Katsura was abducted by SHADOW, Shadow Knight attempted to use her to lure Kikaider 01 into a trap, leading to a confrontation between the two that saw the end of Shadow Knight.


Shadow Knight appears as the right-hand man of Gill-Hakaider in the OVA Kikaider 01: The Animation. He leads an army of androids to capture Akira, the Professor's son, in order to use him to complete the Giant Devil robot and take over the world. It is later revealed however that Shadow Knight and Gill were secretly working to lure Jiro/Kikaider and his siblings into a trap by arranging for him to meet Akira and Rieko so they have them bring the androids to a place where they would be waiting for them. However, at the last second, Bijinder turned against them and rescued the Kikaiders with help from Rieko. Despite this, Shadow Knight and Gill were successful in capturing Akira and bringing him to power the Giant Devil robot.

Kikaider, Kikaider 01, Kikaider 00 and Bijinder later broke into Giant Devil to rescue Akira, but Gill was able to take control of the latter three due to their lack of complete Gemini circuits and use them to capture Kikaider. However, Bijinder was able to resist Gill's influence and rescued Akira, attempting to escape with him. Shadow Knight attempted to gun down Bijinder but Gill, fearing Akira being damaged, executed Shadow Knight instead for risking Akira. Despite this, Shadow Knight was still able to fatally damage Bijinder, leading to her death.


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