Shadow Labrys
I am a Shadow... The true self...
~ Shadow Labrys

Shadow Labrys is Labrys' shadow self and the final boss of Persona 4 Arena's Arcade Mode.


Shadow Labrys has the same appearance as Labrys, except she has yellow eyes.


Shadow Labrys is destructive, sadistic, and cruel, enjoying having people fight each other. This reflects how her other self was forced to kill her sister units.


Persona 4 Arena

After Labrys was thrown into the TV World, Shadow Labrys and the fake school around them appeared, representing Labrys's trauma over being forced to kill her fellow Anti-Shadow Weapons during the Kirijo Group's experiments and her desire to be accepted and understood. Shadow Labrys created the P-1 Grand Prix and masqueraded as Teddie to lure the other Persona users living in Inaba into it and have them fight each other. After the player defeats Labrys, Shadow Labrys reveals herself before the player character and fights them alongside Asterius, an extension of her. After being defeated, Labrys accepts her repressed desires, gaining her Persona.


Shadow Labrys is a variation of Labrys sharing some normals and specials but sporting some variations and her own unique "Persona" which is almost always active. Reminiscent of puppet characters, she fights in conjunction with Asterius whose fearsome attacks cover an incredible amount of range. Her flaws lie in her relatively low damage output and the ease of Persona Breaking Asterius should the player neglect it.

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