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Oh Come On!, You're Killing me Here!, This Stinks!, You Stink!, Evreyone Stinks!
~ Shadow Prove mad at Hades for overdoing the soar cannon

Shadow Prove is a major antagonist in Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia. He is the Darkus battler of the Vexos.

He was voiced by Daisuke Endo in Japanese and Darren Frost in English.


Shadow Prove is of a Caucasian skin, with white hear and red eyes. For clothing, he wears a one-piece, open-chested black uniform, a purple coat with a grey brooch, red dyed nails, a leather belt, and gray boots.


Psychotic and cruel, Shadow Prove is shown to be a rather rude foe, liking to cheat and insult his opponents. Despite these traits, he is loyal to King Zenoheld and has romantic interest in Mylene Farrow.


Shadow Prove is first seen watching all the Bakugan get captured with the other Vexos. Later, he is seen in the far back with the Vexos, telling Prince Hydron about the powerful Drago.

Shadow Prove gets his first major role when he joins Mylene Farrow to battle the Resisstance. After crashing their ship down, he decides to battle Baron due to him being the weakest of the heroes. After winning the first and second rounds, Shadow prepares to take the match only for Barron to use his ability to swap the power levels of his Bakugan with his foes, with this strategy causing the hero to win the duel and take three of his Bakugan.

Gus Grav later calls the Vexos for a meeting to tell them of their failure, much to Shadow Prove's anger. Spectra Phantom also warns the team that another failure could mean punishment towards them, with Shadow Prove ready to prove his might.

Shadow is later seen with the Vexos in Alpha City, where he is known as Shadow Vulcan. When the presentation is over, Shadow brags to the others how he was the most popular of the group.

He and Mylene later hear Runos' voice when she tries to go new NV to help the Resistance. Hydron contacts him and tells him to make sure the Brawlers don't get near the portal. He stops them, which results in him battling Marucho and Elfin with his Bakugan Sylvee. After an even fight, he loses.

Shadow Prove then demands Professor Clay finish his mechanical Bakugan, to which the professor tells him it will take time.

Mylene then has Shadow trick Shun, Ace, and Marucho into a trap by mimicking Dan's and Mira's voices. the voices of Dan and Mira to lure Shun Ace and Marucho into a trap. Ace and Shun fall for it, while Shun doesn't due to instincts. After Ace and Marucho are defeated by Mylene and Volt Luster, Shadow then fights Shun in a deserted town, with Shadow using Hades, falsely assumed to be Hydranoid, to fight Ingram. Using Fortress alongside Hades, Shadow wins the fight and kidnaps Shun as well.

He is later shown annoying Mylenem telling her that he should let Hydron know he isn't so tough. When Spectra, Gus, and Lync return from Earth, Shadow taunts them, saying he thought they would be stuck there for good. When he sees Mira, he taunts her saying that her friends are captured. He and Mylene later battle Dan and Barron when they arrive to destroy the controller. For most of the fight, he battles alone, but Hades gets outmatched by Drago and Nemis. Mylene throws Elico to help out.


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