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Shadow Raker is a arachnid-like Decepticon and Drift's former mentor in Transformers: Robots in Disguise.


Shadow Raker was Drift's mentor back when his name was Deadlock, as well as Jetstorm and Slipstream's deployer. Eventually Drift broke from him and took Slipstream and Jetstorm with him. When he came to Earth, his intention was to retrieve Jetstorm and Slipstream. The Bee team came on to his ship to catch him, but he easily lead them into a trap. Drift tried to fight him off only for him to blinded by Shadow Raker's webbing.

He escaped into the forest, the Bee team tried to him. Shadow Raker trapped everyone except Drift with his webbing. He crossed with Drift again and they fought. Drift almost won, but Shadow Raker webbed him to a tree and then captured Jetstorm and Slipstream. The duo managed to fool him into thinking their still loyal to him. They also convinced him into going after the shanix held at the museum. They actually put him into the trap of Bee Team. He webbed them except Drift again and they had another vigorous battle. This time Drift won and gave Shadow Raker an educational speech. When he tried to escape, Drift deployed Jetstorm and Slipstream to knock him out. He was then put in the stasis pod. Shadow Raker's stasis pod was later taken back to Cybertron aboard Prime Force One by Optimus Prime and Drift.


  • Drift, Slipstream, and Jetstorm - Former students
  • Bee Team - Enemy



  • Shadow Raker uses an altered version of Saberhorn's character model, swapping his horned helmet for one with a large crest, the left extension being broken, his shoulder platings enforced with two more and his head in beast mode is reminiscent of an arachnid's.


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