The Shadow Surgeons were a team of alien doctors that served as minor antagonists in the third through fifth season of Babylon 5.


Like the Drakh, Soldiers of Darkness, Streib, and Wurt the Shadow Surgeons were a servant race of the Shadows, and had relocated to the Shadow homeworld of Z'ha'dum. Among their duties was preparing individuals to be living CPUs for Shadow vessels, and working with other Shadow technology.

After the Shadows left the galaxy with the Vorlons and all the other First Ones the Surgeons remained behind on Z'ha'dum. A short time later the planet's self destruct program was triggered by Lyta Alexander, but the Surgeons were able to evacuate the planet in time before it exploded.

Some of the Surgeons accompanied the Drakh to Centauri Prime. While there they experimented on Londo Mollari at the request of the Drakh.

In 2278 the Drakh on Centauri Prime were exposed by Vir Cotto. and were soon forced to abandon Centauri Prime. It is unknown what happened to the Shadow Surgeons after the Drakh were forced to leave.

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