Shadow Takanuva are the group of corrupted, alternate Takanuva that appeared in the BIONICLE series. They are the Toa of Light that came from various alternate universes before they were captured by Tridax, a Makuta who served the Brotherhood of Makuta as he drained their inner lights, thus turning them into the evil warriors of darkness in order to create the army of dark Toa that were to serve as the army of the Brotherhood.


The Shadow Takanuva looks like the normal Takanuva, though the only differences are that they have silver armors and they also wore the silver Kanohi Avohkii with two pairs of red eyes.


Tridax, while using the Kanohi Ohmak, traveled to various alternate universes and captured every Takanuva and brought them into his universe. He then stored the Takanuva into the Stasis Tubes in the chamber below Destral as he then drained the inner lights from each of them by using the Shadow Leeches. Some of them eventually became the Toa of Shadow, while the process did not finish for the others. Tridax then planned to assemble an army of Shadow Takanuva to aid the Brotherhood of Makuta in their quest.

Following the destruction of Destral after the Energy Storms struck the island into the bottom of the sea, several Shadow Takanuva survived the destruction. One Shadow Takanuva awoke from the stasis and began to consider of destroying the world. 

Later after taking over the Matoran Universe, Makuta Teridax teleport the group of Shadow Takanuva to Ba-Koro to combat both Mazeka; the Ko-Matoran who served the Order of Mata Nui and the Alternate Teridax; the good alternate version of himself. During the battle, the Alternate Teridax manages to defeat seven Shadow Takanuva as the last one captured Mazeka and held him as hostage. However, he was killed by the Alternate Teridax, who smashed his head with his war hammer.

The remaining Shadow Takanuva still survived, while the others still remained in the Stasis Tubes, waiting to be freed.


Having their inner lights drained out from them, the Shadow Takanuva became very evil, cruel, psychotic and sadistic after they lost their sense of morality.

Powers & Abilities

Each Shadow Takanuva control the Shadow element after their Light element were completely removed from them. They also armed with the Staffs of Light, which were used in melee combats.


  • The Shadow Takanuva are the only Toa of Shadow in the main dimension.
  • Shadow Takanuva who die in the Matoran Universe are not revived in the Red Star because they are not native to the main universe.
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