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Shadow Weaver is one of the top members of the Evil Horde and a major antagonist in She-Ra: Princess of Power. She is a powerful sorceress who joined up with the Horde and serves as second-in-command to Hordak.

She was voiced by Linda Gary.


Shadow Weaver was once a sorceress from the kingdom of Mystacor until she joined up with Hordak when he arrived on Etheria after he promised her vast power in exchange for her servitude. She accepted Hordak's offer and from then on became known as "Shadow Weaver", becoming Hordak's second-in-command after he conquered Etheria.

After Hordak abducted Princess Adora from Eternia, Shadow Weaver cast a spell on the infant to make her fall for Hordak's deceptions. She was put in charge of caring for her and raised her to become a loyal member of the Horde. However, after learning the truth when her brother He-Man came to Etheria and encountered her, Adora defected to the Great Rebellion and became known as She-Ra.

Throughout the series, Shadow Weaver would hatch many schemes, either to crush the Great Rebellion or to usurp Hordak as ruler of Etheria. She often resided in Horror Hall, a place within the darkest region of Etheria.


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