Vincent Brooks... How are you feeling?
~ Shadow of Vincent

Who, you ask...? Some one you know all too well. Hahahaha!
~ Shadow of Vincent

Shadow of Vincent is a boss from the video game Catherine.


It takes the form of a giant version of Vincent clad completely in shadow, wearing a gleaming white mask that covers its entire face in a twisted smile. Only his left eye, a sickly yellow, is visible in the beginning.


Shadow of Vincent (Unmasked)

Shadow of Vincent Unmasked.

Near the end of the Level, the mask that the Shadow of Vincent was wearing, breaks apart. Without the mask, The Shadow of Vincent actually has Vincent's head with razor sharp teeth.


After a long and hard struggle, Vincent clutches his pillow once more for security as he enters the door. "Vincent Brooks... How are you feeling?" A grim and deep voice pierces his ears through the darkness below. Startled by the voice, he asks who it is. "Someone you know all too well." This starts the nightmare Vincent has to escape from.


Coming after his accusation to both Catherine and Katherine about cheating and being wrong about both, and still left dealing with the guilt of cheating on his pregnant girlfriend, this boss represents everything Vincent feels but is ashamed of. His obsession with not being tied down, even at the expense of the most important person in his life, of not taking responsibility for anything in his life, and of cheating. Though he can hide his feelings to Katherine behind a mask for a while, the higher he climbs, the more the mask breaks away. In the end, his choice becomes clear: either he gives into these feelings and shows Katherine his selfish ugly soul, or he accepts what he wants, no matter how it scares him, and commits to Katherine.

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