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Now, centuries later, I lead hundreds of Dark Hunters scattered throughout the known universe. From my fortress, I assign them their missions, house the treasure they collect, and enforce our laws. Disobedience is met with extermination. Treachery is met with far worse... for traitors are not granted the mercy of death.
~ The Shadowed One
I dislike a traitor, but I despise an incompetent one. So a word to the wise: If you ever harbor any ideas of betrayal... don't let me catch you.
~ The Shadowed One

The Shadowed One is a major antagonist of the BIONICLE franchise. He was a charismatic leader who lead the group of mercenaries called the Dark Hunters and a co-founder of the faction alongside his friend, Ancient.


The Shadowed One was a large, bipedal being. He had two red eyes and silver horns. His body was colored black and yellow and fitted with silver armor pieces. After the events of the Bionicle novel Time Trap, the Shadowed One has aged more than three thousand years, only this did not affect him much aside from weakening his powers.


Early Life

Much of the Shadowed One's past is shrouded in mystery (to the point where his "...true name has been lost to history, and it is doubtful anyone remembers it besides myself [himself]"). He and his fellow Dark Hunter co-founder, codenamed "Ancient", were born in "a land of shadows and ice, a place that was never blessed by the loving gaze of Mata Nui". His kind was, for lack of a better word, cheated out of any purpose- the Matoran got their "special status" and the Brotherhood of Makuta came to be Mata Nui's servants, and "those who dwelled in my [his] land were ignored and abandoned", left to crumble beneath the weight of "strict codes of behavior". Determined to carve an empire out for himself, he "began taking on the tasks Matoran were too timid to do and the Brotherhood saw as beneath it". With his friend Ancien, who had ignited a civil war in their homeland, they created the idea that would eventually be the Dark Hunters.

At one point, The Shadowed One appointed Ancient and Sentrakh as his personal bodyguards. He was responsible for the start of the Toa/Dark Hunter war.

Time Trap

After Krekka and Nidhiki went to Metru Nui and didn't come back, The Shadowed One went to Metru Nui with Voporak and Sentrakh. When they arrived, Voporak stole the Mask of Time from Vakama and gave it to the Shadowed One. The Shadowed One later discovered that Krekka and Nidhiki had been absorbed by Makuta Teridax. Enraged, The Shadowed One went to Teridax and battled him for supremacy. During the fight, The Shadowed One was thrown into Voporak's aging shield and aged three thousand years in moments. He survived this enounter, but he swore revenge on the Brotherhood of Makuta.

Destiny War

The Shadowed One formed an alliance with the Order of Mata Nui and blockaded Xia to cut off trade with the Brotherhood of Makuta. While examining the destroyed factories, The Shadowed One discovered a Vortixx hiding a Makuta virus. He killed both the Vortixx and Ancient, as they both knew that The Shadowed One had the Makuta virus.

In Xia's factory, The Shadowed One confronted KalmahMantax, and Ehlek. The Barraki offered an alliance between the two factions, for which The Shadowed One demanded something in return. However, when he found out that the Barraki knew how to use the virus he possessed, The Shadowed One decided to consider their offer. He agreed to meet with Pridak in Karzahni.

Reign of Shadows

The Shadowed One never met Pridak. However, as something struck Xia and killed the remaining Vortixx, The Shadowed One disappeared. He later migrated to Spherus Magna after Makuta Teridax was killed.


The Shadowed One is the ruthless and charismatic leader of the Dark Hunters who ruled the whole organization with fear and abuse. He is also arrogant and sadistic and have an ego as he refuses any other beings to slander his honor. He also enjoyed pairing his minions, both for strategy and his own amusement.

He is also a skilfull liar and pragmatist as he resorted on lies and dirty tricks to ensure various agents remain in the organization. He also has dealt with numerous threats to his rule.



  • The writer for the Bionicle storyline had chosen a real name for "The Shadowed One", but decided he will not reveal it, for he did not want to experience the immense amount of fan backlash he received when he revealed Teridax's name. In-story, only the character "Ancient" knew the true name of "The Shadowed One".


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