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Do you know the best part of having your own clan of ninjas? It is to have enough to form two teams!
~ Ratso

The Shadowkhan are the recurring antagonistic faction from the animated TV series, Jackie Chan Adventures. They are a group of shadow warriors that are summoned by the Oni Generals or anyone that wears the Oni Masks that traps them. They represent the power of the Oni Generals and Tarakudo, king of all Oni and lord of all Shadowkhan. Shendu was able to summon Shadowkhan by channeling the power of one of the masks, the same thing Daolon Wong did later on. Jade Chan was also able to summon them after making a tattoo of Tarakudo, which ended up corrupting her and turning her into the Queen of the Shadowkhan. Each Oni General can summon a different kind of Shadowkhan, which are referred by tribes.

Shadowkhan Tribes

  • Ninja Khan: The most recurring Shadowkhan. They take on a ninja appearance, being versatile fighters capable of throwing shurikens and gliding by opening their capes. They are summoned by Chow.
  • Razor Khan: These Shadowkhan are extremely fast, possessing big sharp claws and pointy legs. They are summoned by Ratso.
  • Bat Khan: These Shadowkhan possess bat-like wings that make them capable of flight. They are able to fire beams of shadow from their hands. They are summoned by Jade's dog Scruffy.
  • Sumo Khan: These are big and heavy Shadowkhan, possessing huge strength and endurance. They are summoned by Captain Black.
  • Samurai Khan: The Shadowkhan tribe controlled by Ikazuki, they wear samurai armor that makes them very resistant. They also wield swords that are capable of slicing through anything. Ikazuki himself summons them while struck on Finn's butt.
  • Squid Khan: These squid-like Shadowkhan are able to stretch their arms as much as they want, also being able to attach themselves to each other and become intangible. They are summoned by Paco.
  • Crab Khan: These Shadowkhan are big in size and have a powerful crab claw. They are summoned by both Jade and Valmont, who each wore a half of the mask.
  • Leech Khan: These Shadowkhan are very tiny (almost the size of a pebble), looking like a legged shark. At first they seem powerless, but their true power lies in their ability to eat their victim's shadow, which makes them grow in size. The victim will enter a coma due to the loss of the shadow. They are summoned by Hak Foo.
  • Mantis Khan: These Shadowkhan take on a mantis appearance, with four legs and powerful pincer claws. These are only shown briefly in the season 4's final episode.



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