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Shadowmen are android soldiers of the SHADOW organization and antagonists in the 1973 Tokusatsu TV series Kikaider 01. They resemble repainted versions of the Androbots colored in red and black, SHADOW's colors. They are typically used by SHADOW to support their Deathbots in battle or as subjects to test the powers of their Deathbots and other inventions.


After Hakaider was forced to join SHADOW, the Shadowmen were first deployed to aid SHADOW's Deathbots in searching for Akira, so they could use the schematics on his back to build Giant Devil.

In the final episode, Big Shadow captured Dr. Komyoji and forced him to build a robot-repairing machine for them, which would allow SHADOW to recycle their deactivated Shadowmen and other robots and effectively grant them an unlimited army of soldiers to conquer the world with. However, unbeknownst to SHADOW, Dr. Komyoji implanted a bomb inside the machine and set it to activate when the device repaired 30 robots. After destroying hordes of Shadowmen, the heroic androids Kikaider, 01 and Bijinder were able to raise the repaired count up to 28. The count was brought up to 30 with the destruction of Hakaider and Zadam, causing the machine to explode and destroy SHADOW's base, with the remaining Shadowmen perishing with it.


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