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Graaahh... I don't like being in places I cannot understand...
~ Shadowseat (rough translation)

Commander Shadowseat is the main antagonist in the 1996 Brazilian 3D-rendered movie Cassiopéia, voiced by Jonas Mello.

Role in the movie

Atenéia drained of its energy.

Shadowseat and what is presumed to be his battalion are detected by the people of Atenéia, draining them of their vital energy to power their own system. However, the ship is unable to trace the exact location of the planet, as well as any other information aside from energy levels, and as the planet releases communication capsules to call for outside assistance, they are encrypted enough to hide the coordinates of Atenéia to the invaders, and resistant enough to survive their attacks. The only solution found is to scramble the data within them, but one of the planet's inhabitants, Dr. Lisa, saves the fourth and last capsule by accelerating its course while Atenéia is cast into hibernation to save the leftover energy. The captain responsible for scrambling the ships lies in his report and states they were all scrambled, but his assistant betrays him and tells the truth to Shadowseat, who fires the captain but also dismisses the assistant for betrayal.

Meanwhile, a rescue team consisted of Chip, Chop, Feel, and Thot find the capsules and collect them all, tracing their origin point and finally arrive on the planet, which has just been found by the invaders as well. They attempt direct attacks and offensive maneuvers, but the rescue team manages to incapacitate their weapons without harming the invaders themselves in a somewhat peaceful approach. A friend of the heroes named Leonardo appears using an energy-gathering device at the planet's orbit, feeding it to a laser beam to destroy the motor of the enemy mothership. Lisa is powered into becoming a moon for the planet, sending much more energy to the beam and managing to have it fired at the ship, blasting the outer reach and allowing the Galatic Council to arrest the invaders and Shadowseat, sending them to a planet with no access to technology.


One of Shadowseat's Hunting ships.

Shadowseat is shown as a rather cruel and ruthless strategist, but has no real physical attributes. He is often shown commanding his troops or threatening them, but he is not at all foolish or oblivious to their rogue schemes, detecting treachery even in slightest details such as mannerism or attitude. He and his race also seem relatively primitive in comparison to the heroes, utilizing lower technology in better ways to try and compensate for lack of quick-paced defense.


  • Shadowseat is the 2nd fully CGI animated villain ever, with the first being Sid Phillips (as Cassiopeia is the 2nd fully CGI animation produced ever). However, if one doesn't count Toy Story as fully CGI for its use of rotoscopy, then he would be the 1st fully CGI animated villain ever.
  • Shadowseat is the first fully CGI animatedvillain to not be in the Grey Zone.