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Shaft is a one-shot robber in Henry Danger who appeared in the beginning of Mo' Danger, Mo' Problems.

He was portrayed by Hawk Walts, who also played a civilian possessed by Sylvie Laufeydottir in Loki.


Shaft was robbing the Glass From The Past store in Swellview and told the cashier to put a glass bottle in his motorcycle helmet. Before he can take it, Captain Man and Kid Danger show up. Shaft confronts Captain Man and whacks him two times with his metal pipe. Attempting to hit him again, Captain Man grabs his arm and forces Shaft to hit himself before flipping over a table with glass bottles.

Shaft then gets back up and quickly deals with Kid Danger by putting his helmet backwards on his head. He then lunges for Captain Man, who decides to "Swordfight" Shaft with a golf club. Together, they destroy glass bottles in the process before Captain Man delivers a few beatings, then finally knocking out Shaft as he collapses with a shelf of bottles.

It is unknown what became of him after this, but he was likey sent to jail.


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