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The scum tried to knife me! KILL HIM!
~ Shagrat ordering the other Orcs to kill Gorbag after the latter threatened to impale him.

Shagrat is a minor antagonist appearing in J.R.R. Tolkien's Return of the King, the third volume of the The Lord of the Rings series. He was a Mordor Uruk-hai in service to Sauron, and stationed at Cirith Ungol. His characterization differs somewhat depending on whether it is the book version, or the movie version directed by Peter Jackson.

In both versions of the story, Shagrat and the Orc Lieutenant Gorbag come into conflict over the captured Frodo's possessions, particularly his Mythrill shirt. In the books, Shagrat dutifully insists that these things go to the Eye of Sauron, and when the more greedy Gorbag protests, Shagrat kills him on the spot, which starts a chaotic free-for all between the Uruk-hai and the Orcs where the two sides annihilate each other.

Conversely, in the film it is Shagrat who is the greedy one, and Gorbag who is the loyal one. They still come to blows (though Gorbag does not die), and the chaotic infighting between the Orcs and Uruk-hai still occurs. In both the book and the film, Shagrat's final fate is unrevealed.


  • His name is presumably a play on the phrase "Shaggy Rat".
  • In the Return of the King video game, Shagrat actually successfully steals Frodo's Mythrill shirt and flees Cirith Ungol after Sam kills Gorbag. The Mouth of Sauron later shows it off to Aragorn and his allies at the Black Gates (which he also does in the movie proper), suggesting that Shagrat gave it to him (or that the Mouth had him killed and took it).
  • in LEGO The Lord of the Rings: The Video Game, Shagrat fights Shelob, alongside Sam (this was done to make the level co-op friendly).


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