When the Palaiologos line is restored, Manuel, do not forget who helped you bring it back.
~ Shahkulu to Manuel.

Shahkulu is the Antagonist in the video game Assassin's Creed: Revelations. He is a Turkmen renegade warrior, a Byzantine Templar, and the personal bodyguard and enforcer of Manuel Palaiologos.


Shahkulu was present at Templar headquarters in Cappadocia during Manuel attempted Byzantine invasion of Constantinople in 1512. There, several of Tarik Barleti's spies were captured. As they were Ottoman Turks, Shahkulu personally killed every one of them, savagely beating them to death. After a meeting with Manuel, who had consulted Shahkulu on his beating of the Ottoman spies, he demanded that his men bring the remaining spies to the chapel, where he intended to publicly torture and execute them.

One of the guards replied that he did not have the key, causing Shahkulu to angrily order him to find it. However, the Assassin Ezio Auditore had being spying on the entire meeting, and after learning the location of the key, set off to retrieve it before them. Shortly afterwards, a crowd gathered at the chapel where Shahkulu was to perform one of his public killings.

Shahkulu came onto the courtyard of the chapel, and immediately began beating a spy named Janos to death. However, Ezio attempted to assassinate Shahkulu from above with his hidden blade. Ezio told Shahkulu that he deserved no pity for his sadism. However, Shahkulu's armor saved him from the killing blow, and he began to strangle Ezio. The Assassin stabbed his target's arm with his hookblade, yet Shahkulu threw him aside, prompting a duel between the two, Despite the presence of several Byzantine troops aiding him, Shahkulu was eventually defeated and killed.