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The Shai-Gen Corporation is one of the three major gangs of Pacific City in Crackdown. They are East Asian cruel private incorporation.


The Shai-Gen Corporation is a malicious and prevalent force for evil. It was founded and funded by the previous government with a repeal to evolve extreme preemptive defense solutions.

Its thorough scientific research, tactical influence initiatives and black propaganda provided shocking and worrying results. The booming division became financially independent (probably through unlawful sources) and more powerful than its original sponsor. This led to its purchase by a enigmatic individual and the birth of the Shai-Gen Corporation and also as a result, the Agency.

Shai-Gen is resides in "The Corridor", a space created for the lush lifestyle of its personnel and a shallow utopia for its deprived citizens.

Gang Leaders

Image Name Rank Location Description
Zuang Lun Wang
Zuang Lun Wang Kingpin
Mrs. Timbol
Mrs. Timbol General
Dr. Baltazar Czernenko
Dr. Baltazar Czernenko General
Melissa Fang-Yin
Melissa Fang-Yin General
Colonel Axton Cowell
Colonel Axton Cowell General
Thadeous Oakley
Thadeous Oakley General
Vitaliy Reznik
Vitaliy Reznik General


  • Smithers "Punisher" - Pistols
  • Harman MP-50 - Submachine Guns
  • Ingalls MG-60 - Assault Rifles
  • Harlington HMG-90 - Machine Guns
  • Dempsey 190 "Equalizer" - Shotguns
  • Bastion SX900 "Longshot" - Snipers
  • Watson HE99-X "Firefly" - Grenade/Rocket Launchers
  • Grenade
  • Cluster Grenade sharpenal grenade


  • Sportscar
  • Sedan
  • 6WD SUV
  • SUV
  • Limousine
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