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Shaikulud is a supporting antagonist in the Gameknight999 series. She is the secondary antagonist of The Jungle Temple Oracle and a supporting antagonist in The Birth of Herobrine series.


The Mystery of Herobrine

The Jungle Temple Oracle

Shaikulud is introduced in the second book as the queen of the spiders who lives in the same jungle as the Oracle's temple. Herobrine  approaches Shaikulud to have her guard the temple to prevent Gameknight from reaching it.

After Gameknight and his NPC army arrive at the temple and meet the Oracle, Shaikulud and her spiders come to attack them. During the battle, Gameknight battle Shaiklulud and is disarmed. Shaikulud almost kills Gameknight, only to be killed by an arrow shot by his sister, Monet113.

The Birth of Herobrine

The Great Zombie Invasion

In the first book, Shaikulud is created by Herobrine to help lead his monster army. Shaikulud, along with Vo-Lok and Oxus, help plan out the attacks on the NPCs.

Attack of the Shadow-Crafters

In the second book, Shaikulud continues to serve Herobrine. She and Oxus are joined by Erebus and the Shadow-Crafters in commanding the monster army.

Herobrine's War

In the third book, Shaikulud, Erebus, and Malacoda go with Herobrine as he wages war against the NPCs. The war comes to an end in the Nether, where Herobrine is defeated and Notch banishes the monsters to various places of punishment.


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