Shaivalak is a supporting antagonist in the Gameknight999 series. She first appears as a major antagonist in Gameknight999 vs. Herobrine, and one of the two main antagonists of The Phantom Virus. She is Shaikulud's successor as the spider-queen.


Herobrine Reborn series

Gameknight999 vs. Herobrine

Shaivalak first appears in the third book. She is born as the new spider-queen and is found by Feyd. Shaivalak joins Feyd, along with Xa-Tul and Reaper, in hunting down Gameknight999 and stealing the Ender Chest with Herobrine's XP from them. The monsters ambush Gameknight's entourage in Two-Sword Pass, only for their enemies to escape to the Nether.

Shaivalak, Feyd, Xa-Tul, and Reaper go to the Nether and join Charybdis in trying to destroy Gameknight, Monkeypants, and the NPCs. However, Gameknight's group is saved by Monet113 and a horde of users. Feyd, Xa-Tul, Reaper, and Shaivalak realize they cannot win and leave the Nether.

Herobrine's Revenge series

The Phantom Virus

Shaivalak appears in the first book, working with Reaper to operate command blocks Herobrine left to destroy the NPCs. Shaivalak carries out the orders Herobrine gave her, not knowing the Gameknight and Monkeypants had deleted him.

Shaivalak operates the timer Herobrine set up to control the command blocks at every village. In the timer room, Shaivalak has command blocks set up to spawn an army of spiders when she flips a switch.

When Gameknight and his NPC friends storm Olympus Mons to destroy the timer, Gameknight confronts Shaivalak in the timer room. Shaivalak taunts Gameknight, trying to convince him Herobrine is still alive in Minecraft. She flips the switch to activate her command blocks, realizing too late that Gameknight changed the command blocks to spawn wolves instead of spiders. Gameknight, along with the wolves, kill Shaivalak.


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