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'Shams Couza - Natural; a male Lieutenant Junior Grade who works for the Phantom Pain. Together with Sven Cal Payang and Mudie Holcroft they form a special MS platoon.

Although slightly arrogant about his abilities Couza seems to care about his fellow pilots Mudie Holcroft and Sven Cal Payang. He is shown to be both calm and ruthless in combat and often aims directly for his enemy's cockpit. Couza also seems to enjoy battle to some extent as he is often seen smiling as he dispatches his enemies. However, his calm demeanor is replaced with blind rage after witnessing Mudie killed in combat. Her death seemed to effect him to a great degree (as his screams upon finding her mangled corpse in her cockpit would seem to imply). This leads Couza to ignore and abuse his energy supply in the following mission which results in his own demise.

It is speculated that he and Mudie Holcroft might have been in some form of romantic relationship due to his rather extreme change in personality following her death.

Like them, he underwent training as an anti-Coordinator soldier as a child. Shams wears large rectangular glasses, but they are just for show - his eyesight is excellent without them. He and his teammates encounter Martian pilot Ergnes Brahe, pilot of the GSF-YAM01 Δ Astray. The most cynical of the three, Shams pilots the GAT-X103AP Verde Buster. Shams is killed in the failed assault on the DSSD space station when his suit runs out of power and gets shot by the DSSD Astrays.

He never regret what he did, and he smile when he died saying that he doesn't care that he died

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