(either his first name or last name) is the main antagonist of the comedy film The Zookeeper. He may share that role with Stephanie.

He was portrayed by Donnie Wahlberg, the older brother of actor Mark Wahlberg.


Shane is a cruel zookeeper at the Franklin Park Zoo in Botson, and a co-worker of the film's protagonist, Griffin. Shane tortures the animals at the zoo with a wooden stick with a nail at the end and pepper spray. He lives with his mom in a small Boston home. He is a fan of hard rock, as seen and heard in his room, which might explain his enjoyment of tormenting animals.

He and Griffin are polar opposites, Griffin is kind and sweet towards the animals, and Shane is mean and disrespectful towards them. When Griffin plans to leave the zoo to whoo his ex, the animals try to help him so he'll stay on as zookeeper. It's possibly that they tried to keep Griffin because if he left, then the animals would be stuck with Shane.

Ten years prior to the film, one of the animals, a gorilla named Bernie grabbed the stick and pushed Shane into his exibit. Shane lied and told his co-workers that Bernie attacked him and countinued to tell people that to this day. Because of this, Bernie was put in a deeper and darker exibit and his old one was made into a food court. Even after this, he continues to torture Bernie by throughing his food at him. After Griffen learned that animals can talk, Bernie told him of what Shane did. It's unknown what their relationship was like before Bernie told him. It might have been that they were just co-workers.

Later on in the film, Griffen sees Shane heading to Bernies exhebit, carrying his can of pepper spray. He tells Shane that he knows what he did and if her ever hurt any of the other animals again, "He'll kick his ass, in front of his mother," At first it appears Shane listened, for he put down his can of pepper spray, but later he returned to Bernie's exibit, carrying the same bottle of pepper spray and the stick. He cuts Bernie in the face. As Griffen said, he went to his house and kicked his ass, Kicking it so hard he fell into the wall. Griffen left the house, taking with him one of Shane's mom's cookies.

It's unclear what Shane's fate was after the film. Griffen may have told the truth and got him fired from the zoo or stopped torturing the animals in fear of Griffen. He may have been fired and arrested due to the fact that in the end, Bernie returned to his old exhibit.