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"You just ruined three lives - Donna; Marlon; and your own!".
~ Shane vows revenge against Ross Kirk after blackmailing him for a while.

Shane Doyle is a fictional character and major antagonist of the British soap opera Emmerdale. He served as the secondary antagonist in 2008 before becoming a posthumous antagonist in 2009.

He was portrayed by Paul McEwan.


Shane Doyle was born in 1980 and grew up to become a policeman, albeit a corrupt one due to his thuggish and antagonistic nature. He soon gained a formidable reputation around the police department in Emmerdale for his achievements.

In 2008, Shane became colleagues with both Ross Kirk and his friend Donna Windsor in the police department. He constantly antagonized Donna due to both her gender and also for being married into the Dingle Family, who had a prolonging criminal record around the village. This continued for a while until Donna decided to try and befriend Shane at a party. However, he assumed that Donna was attracted to him and made a pass at her. When she rejected his advances, Shane responded by trying to force himself on Donna - consequently on the verge of raping her in the process. Donna, though, managed to fend off Shane before she and Ross - who witnessed the altercation - confronted him over his actions.

Donna later planed to file a complaint against Shane, but was foiled after Shane lied to their superintendent Charles Vaughn that she made a pass at him. In the end, she decided not to go through with the complaint after realizing that Ross wouldn't fully back her up due to his reputation. Donna attempts to move forward from Shane, but then her husband Marlon Dingle learns about the incident. Marlon later summons his younger brother, Eli, with the request of exposing Shane's corrupt activities in revenge for Shane's attempted rape of Donna. At first their plan comes to fruition when Ross aids the Dingles in their plot against Shane.

However, Donna learns about this and stops them - not wanting her husband or anyone else involved to get into trouble over Shane. Later on, Shane learned about the plan and confronted Donna before she warned him to stay away from her. When Marlon's cousin Sam gets into trouble with the police, Shane happily takes charge of the manhunt for his arrest. Soon afterwards, Shane began to suspect Donna is having an affair with Ross after noticing how close the pair have become.

At somepoint, Shane became acquainted with local resident Jasmine Thomas after meeting her in The Woolpack. He soon began to seduce Jasmine after dating her, and even broke up her relationship with her boyfriend Jake Donald - so much so that Shane provoked Jake into attacking him and later getting the latter arrested as a result. Shane manages to make Jasmine believe him over Jake, after which Shane begins his relationship with Jasmine. Soon enough, Jasmine's best friend and Marlon's relative Debbie learns about the relationship; she confronts Jasmine about this, making it clear that she doesn't trust Shane, and urges her to leave him to no avail.

As time went on, however, Shane is unaware that Jasmine is actually an undercover journalist who is merely dating him to get information on his alleged connections to a crime family - The McFarlanes. This extends to the point where Jasmine witnesses Shane arrest Danielle Hutch, a girl who was involved with the McFarlanes. Later on he releases Danielle from custody and claims that he felt sorry for her. Thereafter he begins sleeping with Jasmine, but later argues with her after she attempts to pressure him for information on The McFarlanes. Following their argument, Jasmine resolves to exposing Shane's involvement with the McFarlanes as well as exposing his other corrupt activities.

By then, Shane has discovered that Donna has indeed been having an affair with Ross behind Marlon's back. When Ross learns about Shane's involvement with The McFarlanes, Shane responds by blackmailing him over his affair with Donna and threatens to tell Marlon about it. The ordeal continues until Ross later stands up to Shane and punches him, to which Shane responds by vowing revenge - stating that Ross has just ruined his own life along with that of Donna and Marlon's marriage altogether.

At the same time, Jasmine searches for his flat and discovers a large sum of cash in his wardrobe. Shane soon returns and, finding out that someone has broken into his apartment, finds Jasmine hiding from him. She confronts him and learns of his true colors before attempting to flee his flat. However, Shane corners Jasmine and attempts to rape her. In that moment, however, Debbie arrives to rescue Jasmine and manages to knock Shane by hitting him over the head with a chair. As Jasmine and Debbie prepare to leave, Shane regains consciousness and begins to attack Debbie. This causes Jasmine to pick up a chair leg and repeatedly hit Shane on the head with it, killing him in the process.

Shortly after Shane's death, Debbie and Jasmine enlists the help of Eli to cover-up his murder and they dump Shane's body in the lake. Jasmine then uses Shane's credit card to buy a plane ticket out of England, but she begins having nightmares.

On Christmas Day 2008, local teenagers Victoria Sugden ends up falling through the frozen lake - the same place where Shane's body has been dumped. This causes Shane's body to resurface and be discovered by Victoria and her friends. The police are then called and Donna identifies Shane's body, before informing the villagers that he is dead. The police soon begin speculating the cause of Shane's death and conclude that he was murdered.

Ross is initially arrested for his murder, but they later release him and believe Debbie to be the culprit. Debbie is soon arrested and wrongfully trialed for his murder, but Jasmine eventually hands herself into the police for Shane's murder. Jasmine is sentenced to 4 years imprisonment whilst Debbie receives a suspended six month prison sentence for perverting the course of justice; however, the duo retain their friendship departing parting ways with each other after agreeing to move on from Shane.



  • Paul McEwan (the actor who played Shane Doyle) was longlisted for "Villain of the Year" at the 2009 British Soap Awards.
  • He made a total of 65 appearances during his time on the show.