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As you wish. As absurd as your request is, I shall grant it. In return, I reserve the right to challenge the winner myself. Or another of my choosing. In a place designated by me for the final battle of the tournament.
~ Shang Tsung to Johnny Cage.
Your brother's soul is mine!
~ Shang Tsung to Liu Kang.

Shang Tsung is the main antagonist of New Line Cinema's 1995 live-action film Mortal Kombat, which is based on the Mortal Kombat video game franchise of the same name.

He is a sorcerer from Outworld who hosts the Mortal Kombat tournament so he can destroy humanity.

He was portrayed by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, who later reprised this role for Shang Tsung's mainstream counterpart in Mortal Kombat 11.


We first see Shang where he fights Liu Kang’s brother Chan, Shang Tsung overpowers him with ease and ruthlessly assaults him, even breaking his back with a stomp. He then pulls him by the head, points at Liu, and says “Your brother's soul is mine” and states that he will be next and then Shang drains his soul.

He then appears where he talks to Kano where he tells him that Kano killed Sonya’s partner and she’ll follow him into hell and tells Kano to make sure she’s on that boat and she must be at the tournament, and when Kano says that they “should share a cabin, go on a honeymoon cruise”. Shang then threatens that if he does as much as touch her, he will need a seeing eye dog. He then shape-shifts into Master Boyd and tricks Johnny into joining the Mortal Kombat tournament.

He then appears to Sonya at the ship, he states that if she wants a tour, he’ll be glad to do it. Scorpion and Sub-Zero then appear, Shang Tsung states that they are the deadliest of enemies but slaves under his power. Raiden appears and tells Shang Tsung that the duo attacked the fighters, which is against the rules. Shang says that until they reach the island where he has no dominion, Raiden states that his dominions are well known to him. Shang then tells Sonya that she has been chosen for the tournament , much to his delight. During a conservation, Raiden says that Shang Tsung and his warriors need to win 10 tournaments so the emperor can invade it, and they already won 9 times Shang then appears to Kitana and states she is their most dangerous adversary and tells Reptile to keep her away from the humans.

Shang then appears to the fighters and states that they are here to compete in Mortal Kombat and that the great kombat starts tomorrow, and that some will even have the honour of facing Prince Goro. During a conservation with Kano, Goro states that Shang Tsung enslaves souls. Shang then appears to Kano that Sonya is not to be harmed, only humiliated as he has “plans” for her. Shang then tells Goro there is no need for such pride and they were never so close to victory, and states there is another danger in Princess Kitana and she must not be allowed to join the forces of Earth, especially Liu Kang. Shang then notices Kang, Cage and Sonya and states they are not alone and sends several guards after them.

When Liu Kang defeats one of his men, Shang Tsung walks up to said man and states that “Your soul is mine” and drains the soul of the fighter, killing him. After a few rounds of the tournament, Shang appears to Goro and when Goro asks if it’s his time, Shang says yes and they let the humans win enough. When Goro defeats Art, Shang Tsung drains his soul.

Shang Tsung hears that Johnny Cage wants to challenge Goro, Tsung tells him if he’s that eager to die, Tsung then tells Cage that he wants to protect his friends, but they will die too. When Tsung realizes he might lose the tournament, he takes Sonya and challenges her instead of Kang. Raiden then calls him out for being a coward and Tsung takes her to the emperor’s castle. Tsung holds her captive and tells her if she does not fight, the realm of Earth will forfeit the tournament. Shang Tsung then accepts Liu’s offer to fight. During the fight, Tsung turns into Liu’s brother Chan and uses it as a way to break him mentally. Kang then kills Tsung by punching him into the spikes, Tsung is then turned into a skeleton and all of his enslaved souls are freed.


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