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The Shape Stealer

~ The Shape Stealer possessing a Grub.

The Shape Stealer is the central antagonist of the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command episode of the same name. It is a dark, anthropomorphic, synthetic sheet that can possess anyone under its wrapping form.

It was voiced by Frank Welker.


The Shape Stealer was created by Brain Pod 11 under the codename Project X. Emperor Zurg was originally unimpressed with it until it revealed itself by taking over one of Zurg's Grubs as a demonstration. From there one, Zurg sends the Shape Stealer to assassinate Buzz Lightyear, and the Shape Shifter start to possess many people (such as Buzz's neighbor and several citizens in Trade World) to make it happen (to no avail).

Eventually, the Shape Stealer ended up on Star Command after possessing one of the LGMs. After failing to kill Buzz, it then possesses Booster and tries to kill Buzz while controlling him. After this doesn't work, it then manages to take over Buzz himself, which really impresses Zurg. With that in mind, at Zurg's orders, the Shape Shifter sets Star Command to self-destruct in five minutes before jettisoning itself on an escape pod.

However, Mira arrives at the pod and forces herself to fight Buzz to make the Shape Stealer lose control of him. After a few minutes of back-and-forth involving Mira alternately stopping the self-destruct sequence and the Shape Stealer, in turn, restarting it, Mira is finally able to stop the Shape Stealer-possessed Buzz with a left hook to the face. The Shape Stealer leaves Buzz's body and angrily attempts to kill Mira for ruining its plan, but the latter opens a hatch, sending the Shape Stealer off into the vacuum of space, much to its dismay. Mira then proceeds to cancel Star Command's self-destruction, much to everyone's delight and to Zurg's anger.

It is unknown where the Shape Stealer is now, as it is last seen drifting through space with an angry look. Though had the series continued, it is likely that it would have made a return appearance.


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