You with your fair skin. You want to see the face under here? DO YOU?! Your wise. Even I can't bear to see or touch myself. I who was once... Once comely. Who was always a lover of beauty, now I have to live in exile. I have to live with androids because androids do not see as we see!
~ Sharaz ranting to Peri about his face.

Do you think bullets can stop me now Morgus?! Look at me!
~ Sharaz confronting Morgus and revealing his scarred face.

Sharaz Jek is the deuteragonist of the 1984 Doctor Who serial "The Caves of Androzani". He was a scientist who excelled in robotics leading him to create various androids. After many dealings with Morgus however his face was brutally disfigured leading him down a path of madness and vengeance.

He was portrayed by the late ballet dancer and stage performer Christopher Gable.



Sharaz was once a young well looking man who had a passion for beauty and science. He allied himself with Morgus the latter of whom would wind up betraying him by sabotaging one of his experiments causing a massive explosion. Although Sharaz mostly got himself to safety he didn't close his chamber in time causing his face to be brutally burned and discoloured. Jek then wore a mask for the remainder of his life and exiled himself from the rest of the world swearing vengeance against Morgus.

The Caves of Androzani

Meeting The Doctor and Peri

He first appeared when The Doctor and Peri were imprisoned by his troopers. Upon meeting the two he took a deep interest in Peri and planned on giving her the chemical he specialized in spectrox which would cure the disease she and the doctor had contracted in order to keep her for himself. Before he could accomplish this however he had to begin a battle between his own forces and androids. Despite losing this battle Jek refused to surrender himself until Morgus was killed and at his feet.

Attack on the Base

Jek Unmasked

Jek's face.

When both Peri and the Doctor were suffering from spectrox poisoning, Jek became agitated by the threat to Peri's life. Subsequently, the Doctor despite in his worsening condition travelled through the caves in order to find a cure, leaving Jek and Peri alone. When the Doctor returned Jek allowed the Doctor to leave Peri with him while he searched of an antidote if it meant that Peri would be safe.

Right after this the federal army attacked Jek's base, he was careless however believing they would never find him and defeat his androids.


Salateen... Hold me.
~ Jek's last words after dying of his wounds in the arms of his most advanced android replica of Salateen.
Jek's mercenary Stoz decided to join Morgus to try to find Jek's collection of spectrox. Morgus, Stoz and their troops then discovered his hideout only for Jek to brutally attack Morgus revealing his disfigured face before being shot by Stoz. Jek used his last remaining strength to force Morgus' head into a beam killing him. Jek's finest android a replica of Salateen then killed Stoz before Jek fell into his arms and died.

Jek's remains where scorched just like the rest of him after The Doctor left the burning lair with Peri.

Shortly after this The Doctor himself heroically gave his own life in order to save Peri by giving her the anti-toxin, tragically ending his fifth incarnation but at the same time fulfilling Jek's wish of keeping Peri alive.


Despite being a wrathful and brutal man as well as a destructive and stubborn gaoler, Jek also was a tragic individual who chose to isolate himself from the world after his disfigurement which is what made him become the way he is in the first place.

Jek was also a very intelligent man excelling in sciences and robotics with him being able to create life like androids with almost exact human like qualities, despite this however he mainly focused on making attack drones to guard his surroundings while saving his true talents for when he needed them most.

Sharaz despised Morgus for what he had done to him and even remarked that he would not give up the spectrox until Morgus' head was on a stick at his feet. This hatred continued until his last moments when in a fit of rage he brutally attacked and killed Morgus (while also dying himself of his wounds shortly after).

Despite being a very villainous brute, Jek still had some redeeming qualities since he genuinely liked The Doctor viewing him as the only man smarter than him and a man worthy of his trust and respect while also loving Peri greatly to the point of staying by her side until near death viewing her as the most beautiful thing he had ever sat his eyes on.


Sharaz Jek was a slender man who wore an all leather outfit complete with black leather slim trousers, a black leather jacket, black leather boots and one singular leather glove. Jek had a hideously disfigured face that he himself could never bear to look at caused by Morgus attempting to kill him, as a result Jek's face was mostly discoloured as a sickly green with only his left eye and mouth regaining a flesh like colour. To hide his appearance from himself and others he always wore a black and white patterned latex mask as well as a black leather cowl. He also wore one blue false eye due to his right eye being burned off.





  • Sharaz Jek is one of the most well received villains from the show with many fans and critics praising the character's great development, excellent backstory and Christopher Gable's performance as him.
  • Sharaz Jek is also one of the most dark, complex and tragic characters to have ever appeared in the show.
  • He was originally scheduled to be portrayed by the late David Bowie. However, due to conflicting time constraints made by Bowie's upcoming tour at the time he could not attend filming.

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