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Shark, also called Sharky, Joe's Shark, and The Shark Manservant, is Joe's right-hand henchman and the secondary antagonist in the 2000 animated Danish film, A Fish Tale (also known as Help! I'm A Fish).

He was voiced by Dick Kayso in the Danish version and David Bateson in the English version, the latter also voiced Crab, as well as Agent 47.


He is Joe's giant shark henchman and like Joe, Sharky was made intelligent due to a mad scientist's potion, but it only made him as smart as a moronic human. Because of this, he still tends to eat something at random, including bystanders. He is actually more powerful than joe, but his stupidity and laziness means he cannot be bothered running things, and leaves most of the organizing and complex planning to joe. However, if Joe makes the shark do anything he doesn't like, the shark will refuse to do it, and physically threaten joe.


Prior to becoming mutaed by the professor's antidote Shark was a typical predator who fed on other fish and crabs, with Joe following along as a cleaner fish - the two presumably "enjoyed" a symbiotic relationship for many years but as soon as they gained intelligence Joe made Shark his servant and clearly only valued Shark for his immense strength and ability to strike fear in other sea-animals. Shark was happy to follow Joe and obey his orders but was very much only in it for food and lacked Joe's charisma, so much so that Joe often grew angry as Shark's blatant brutalism endangered Joe's more calculating nature - this caused Joe to often lash out at Shark but due to the fact Shark was so much larger and stronger than him Joe always backed down and found ways to appease the beast, at least until he could find a means to get rid of the troublesome enforcer. Joe and Sharky nearly succeeded in their plot to take over the ocean, but were foiled by Fly and his friends. He turned on Joe after being fired and that Joe offered the job to Fly and friends, only to later get caught in a whirlpool caused by Professor Mac Krill's suction device with the millicrabs, as he was saying Joe may be brains, but he's the muscle, his head got stuck to the tube, with Joe freed.



  • Shark has the highest kill count in the entire film, in fact he is the ONLY villain shown to kill numerous times - however he is also frequently depicted as short-tempered, stupid and reliant upon fear : this means Joe is able to outrank him in terms of threat and ambition, though both Shark and Crab are power-hungry and eager to backstab when they get the chance.
  • prior to being mutated Joe and Shark already shared a partnership, with Joe being a cleaner fish and thus naturally able to follow Shark around in a symbiotic relation - upon gaining intelligence Joe instantly reversed the roles and made Shark his servant, showing the Joe always hated the partnership.
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