The Sharks are titular antagonists of DreamWorks' 9th full-length animated feature film Shark Tale. They are Don Lino's henchmen and currently his helpers.

They also appear in the short, Club Oscar as they dance with their leader, Lino and the other fishes. However, Feinberg and Frankie are the only sharks who did not appear in the short.

Lenny was voiced by Jack Black, Lino was voiced by Robert De Niro, Frankie was voiced by Michael Imperioli, Feinberg was voiced by the late Peter Falk, and Giuseppe was voiced by Lenny Venito. Whereas the other sharks were all voiced by Lenny Venito (who also played Giuseppe), James Madio, the late Frank Vincent, Sean Bishop, and Joseph Siravo.


The sharks are all very muscular and slender sharks. Some of them are great white sharks, and some of them are hammerhead sharks. They have brown eyes, green eyes, and blue eyes. However, in real life, great white sharks have dark to black eyes in real life, while hammerhead sharks have comparatively smaller gold or orange-yellow eyes.


It is unknown what most of the members of the sharks names' are. However, the only five members that have names are Lenny, Don Lino, Frankie, Don Feinberg, and Giuseppe.


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