Sharon Ellison

Sharon Ellison was a recurring villainess from Season Five of Diagnosis Murder.

She was played by Connie Blankenship.

Sharon Ellison was an Assistant District Attorney who first appeared in the episode "Retribution (Part 1)," where she successfully prosecuted against Mark Sloan for double murder. The conviction was thrown out at the end of Part 2, as Mark was being framed for the murders.

Though not completely villainous at first, Sharon turned heel in the two-part season finale, "Obsession." With her sights set on Neil Burnside's position, the evil Sharon began a relationship with Carter Sweeney, the son of notorious bomber Louis Sweeney--who was executed in the beginning of Part 1. Burnside's successful conviction led to Louis' execution, and after his death, Sharon and Carter colluded to discredit Burnside, as well as Mark Sloan. She bombed several buildings, with Carter building the bombs, in various places in the city.

Sharon was first shown on Carter's radio show, agreeing with his stance that his father was innocent. Her villainous reveal wasn't shown until Part 2, when she was caught by Steve Sloan conversing with Carter's sister, Caitlin, and later caught kissing Carter. Later in the episode, Sharon entered a warehouse with a bomb, using the building as another target. The bomb later detonated and destroyed the warehouse, killing Sharon.